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Whistleblower Wins $51M in Medical Device Kickback Case

Ex-compliance officer for Olympus says doctors, administrators got grants, trips

(Newser) - A whistleblower who worked for Olympus Corporation of the Americas for 20 years will receive $51 million from the company after it admitted to a scheme of bribery and kickbacks and agreed Tuesday to pay $646 million in fines, CNNMoney reports. John Slowik was named the company's compliance officer... More »

MRI Machines Go Super-Size for Chubbier US

Accommodating obesity 'a design requirement'

(Newser) - As the US gets heavier, makers of MRI machines and other medical scanners are rushing to cope—by literally enlarging their equipment. But for some Americans, the process isn't going fast enough. The Wall Street Journal recounts the story of a 630-pound Maryland mechanic who's been out of... More »

'iPad Arms Race' Hits Medical Supply Field

Apple finds a lucrative niche with sales reps

(Newser) - The iPad is quickly becoming the darling of an unexpected field: medical supply sales. Firms such as Medtronic and Abbott Labs are handing out thousands to their sales teams in what the Wall Street Journal describes as an "iPad arms race in the $200 billion medical-devices sector." The... More »

In Wake of Radiation ODs, CT Scans Get New Rules

New scanners will be preset, older ones will be retrofitted

(Newser) - CT scans will come with new safeguards ordered by the FDA yesterday, following accidental radiation overdoses last year at hospitals in California and Alabama. The agency is also looking at software fixes for existing equipment to reduce the possibility of unsafe dosage, reports the the Los Angeles Times , and encouraging... More »

4 Stories