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Andrew Breitbart Perfects 'White Victimology'

Website twisted USDA video out of context to play on conservatives' fears

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart has played on the fears of conservative whites to claim another black victim, writes Tom Scocca for Slate . The latest is Shirley Sherrod of the USDA, who had to resign over a video twisted completely out of context. Sherrod—who wasn't a USDA employee at the time—was... More »

Stop the Presses! Story Mentions Conan, Leno, Lady Gaga!

Rise of Web searching spells doom for clever newspaper headlines

(Newser) - Back in the day, "drunks with cigars wrote stories," overeducated wiseguys slapped snappy headlines on them, and some hours later, a newspaper appeared on your doorstep. In Internet time, that printed birdcage liner might as well be carved on stone tablets. "Call me a grumpy old codger,... More »

Post Snags 4 Pulitzers, Times 3; Enquirer Shut Out

John Edwards coverage fails to boost supermarket tabloid

(Newser) - The Washington Post won four Pulitzer Prizes today, one more than the archrival New York Times—and four more than the National Enquirer, which entered its coverage of the John Edwards sex scandal . In a breakthrough for online journalism, Sheri Fink of ProPublica won for an investigation of euthanasia at... More »

Baseball Blogger Raises $9K to Cover Spring Training

'Nats Insider' to offer exclusive content to contributors

(Newser) - When the Washington Times eliminated its sports section at the end of 2009, former reporter Mark Zuckerman thought his readers still wanted a source for coverage of the Washington Nationals—and how. The now-baseball blogger raised more than $9,000 from readers eager to help him cover the cost of... More »

Gerald Posner Cops to 'Accidental Plagiarism'

Daily Beast reporter blames 'warp speed' of web in mea culpa

(Newser) - Gerald Posner didn’t mean to do it, but he admits he is a plagiarist and has now resigned from his reporting gig at the Daily Beast. His undoing, he writes on his blog , was the blazing pace of Internet journalism and his own naïveté. “For the Beast... More »

5 Stories