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Zoo Spends Years Trying to Mate Male Hyenas

It's hard to tell males, females apart, Japan zoo says

(Newser) - Hyena sexing by sight alone is "very difficult," says a Japanese zoo that spent years trying to mate a pair of males. The Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo says Kami and Kamutori were obtained in a 2010 exchange with a South Korean zoo that said they were a male... More »

Hyenas Kill 2 Kids in Attack on Sleeping Family

6 members of Kenyan family injured

(Newser) - A sleeping Kenyan family suffered one of the most hellish awakenings imaginable when they were attacked by a pack of hyenas that had entered the family compound. Two children were killed and six other family members were injured in the attack in a village in northeastern Kenya, ABC reports. Five... More »

Kenya Feeds Zebras to Hungry Lions

Carnivores in Amboseli National Park have been attacking local livestock

(Newser) - In a sort of zoological sacrifice, the Kenyan government is rounding up thousands of zebras and wildebeest to feed to starving lions and hyenas in the country's drought-ridden south. Some 80% of herbivores in Amboseli National Park were felled by the dry conditions, leading the hungry carnivores to attack neighboring... More »

3 Stories