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Crazy New Investment Idea: Divorces!

Investor ponies up money for proceedings, reaps portion of settlement

(Newser) - Here’s a tip to diversify your portfolio: Invest in divorce! Crazy, you say? Not so, says the New York Times , which reports that a new industry doing just that has been born in, you guessed it, California. The business plan is simple: Cover the often high cost of a... More »

Dodgers Hired Russian 'Healer' to Boost Wins

Russian immigrant sent positive energy to team

(Newser) - Whenever the Dodgers stepped up to bat during their'08 National League West-winning season, a Russian emigre scientist watching the game on TV at his Massachusetts home sent mental waves of positive energy their way. Perhaps the strangest detail to emerge in the bitter divorce proceedings of Dodgers owners Frank and... More »

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young

John Edwards' estranged wife wants aide to zip it

(Newser) - North Carolina is one of 7 states that allow a member of a divorcing couple to sue a third party for busting up the marriage, and Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to do just that—to Andrew Young. Usually, a lover—Rielle Hunter, anyone?—would be the defendant in the suit,... More »

3 Stories