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101-Year-Old Man Shocks Neighbor in Viral Video

Richard Mann has no problem shoveling neighbor's walk

(Newser) - Done your neighbor a good turn this year? You might take a hint from Richard Mann, a 101-year-old resident of St. Paul, Minn., who was seen shoveling his neighbor's walk the other day after a fresh snowfall, the Star Tribune reports. Neighbor Keven O’Bannon caught it on video... More »

John Kerry Fined for Failure to Shovel Snow

He was in Saudi Arabia at the time...

(Newser) - John Kerry might be the secretary of state, but darn it, he still needs to shovel the snow outside his house. Boston got two feet of snow during this week's blizzard, and Mayor Martin Walsh vowed to crack down on the scofflaws who failed to clear off their sidewalks,... More »

Snow Shoveling 101: How Not to Die

Doctors: Push rather than lift the snow, avoid alcohol

(Newser) - Before you break out the snow shovel this season, doctors say there are a couple of things to keep in mind lest clearing your walk turn deadly. At least two people died from heart problems while shoveling snow this week in Buffalo and about 100 Americans meet the same fate... More »

How to Not Kill Yourself While Shoveling Snow

There are some tips, but the bottom line is ... have someone else do it

(Newser) - If you live in America, there’s a good chance you’re shoveling snow today—or will be soon—but beware: The dreaded chore can actually kill you . How to avoid such a tragic fate? Well, for starters, keep your per-shovel load to 24 pounds or less. Beyond that, however,... More »

When Shoveling Increases, So Do Heart Attacks

Studies show exertion-related cardiac deaths surge during storms

(Newser) - Take it easy, snow shoveler—your activity causes heart attacks. Well, not exactly, Slate reports, but 2 studies show a strong correlation between heavy snowfall and an increase in heart attack deaths. In one, deaths went up 22% in the week of Northeastern blizzards and remained up in the next... More »

5 Stories