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What TV Surgeries Often Fail to Convey: It Stinks

Surgeons say there are some smells that permeate everything

(Newser) - Surgical rooms might look like the most sterile of places on TV or in the movies, but a post at Atlas Obscura reveals a gross truth: Surgery can smell, and terribly so. The daughter of one surgeon writes that as a child she was allowed to attend a surgery but... More »

S. Korea Busts Smuggled Pills—Made of Baby Flesh

Some believe substance to be cure-all

(Newser) - South Korean customs authorities have made a highly disturbing find: Thousands of capsules made of powdered baby flesh, believed by some to have healing powers. Smugglers have attempted to get nearly 17,500 such capsules into the country since August, officials say. Made in northeastern China, the pills contain diced... More »

Aussie 'Kangatarians' Jump at New Diet

Converted vegetarians love the taste of free-roaming kangaroos

(Newser) - Some Australian vegetarians have embraced the “ethical and environmental” acceptability of kangaroo meat and are now “kangatarians.” The name was “a bit of a joke initially,” an advocate tells the Telegraph , but the phenomenon is real. Kangaroos run wild, eat naturally, are killed humanely, and... More »

3 Stories