Theodore Roosevelt

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This President Had the Most 'Grandiose Narcissism'

Lyndon Johnson was full of himself, but it may have helped

(Newser) - When you're running the country, being narcissistic may come in handy. Psychologists and experts on presidential personalities have put together a list of the presidents who had the most "grandiose narcissism"—which, the Houston Chronicle explains, is characterized by a showy and extroverted personality. That's in... More »

Miley's Latest Tattoo a Quote —From Roosevelt

Very deep, Cyrus. Very deep

(Newser) - Theodore Roosevelt may be rolling over in his grave, because Miley Cyrus just had his words tattooed on her arm. The ink reads, "So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat," a widely-quoted Teddy remark from a... More »

Our Sexiest Presidents

Ranking chief executives Nos. 1 through 43

(Newser) - With Valentine’s Day tomorrow and Presidents Day on Monday, Nerve ranks America’s chief executives, from Washington to Obama, on sex appeal. Richard Nixon—“Certainly the least sexy person connected in any way to Deep Throat”—is 43rd and last; here are the top five:
  • Theodore Roosevelt:
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3 Stories