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White House Delighted to Have Cheney as Foil

Terrorism talk usually bad for Dems but good for Obama

(Newser) - Talk of terrorism usually boosts Republicans and gives Democrats fits, but the White House is more than happy to face off with Dick Cheney on the issue, as Joe Biden did yesterday. Cheney is an appealing sparring partner, James Hohmann writes on Politico : one of the most unpopular members of... More »

Biden, Cheney Trade Punches

Veep, ex-veep argue over whose boss is tougher on terror

(Newser) - The current vice president and his predecessor are snarling fiercely at each other all over the Sunday talk show dial. Topic: Which administration is waging a better war on terror. Joe Biden kicked off the fireworks last night, telling Meet the Press in a taped interview that Dick Cheney in... More »

2 Stories