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Banks That Hid Debt Now Pushing Greece Toward Ruin

Credit-default swaps make default a self-fulfilling prophecy

(Newser) - The same banks that fed the Greek financial crisis are wagering on the country's collapse— and in doing so, critics say, they're making default more likely. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others who helped mask the true extent of Greece's financial problems are now placing bets against the country on... More »

Merkel, Germany Turn Up Heat on Greece 'Scandal'

Meanwhile, Greeks want Germans to pay them WWII reparations

(Newser) - Angela Merkel ripped into Greece and the bank that helped it massage its budget, saying the country has “falsified statistics for years,” and that “it’s a scandal if it turned out that the same banks that brought us to the brink of the abyss helped.”... More »

EU Should Go After Goldman, Since US Won't

Firm helped Greece hide staggering debt, leading to near collapse

(Newser) - With the revelation that Goldman Sachs was peddling exotic instruments to help Greece hide its runaway debts as recently as November, something must be done, Simon Johnson writes. US authorities clearly aren't going to raise a finger—a few phone calls around Washington will ensure that the Fed looks the... More »

3 Stories