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5 Neck-and-Neck House Races

Threats to reporters, alleged earwax-eating take center stage

(Newser) - Given the stakes, you may be tempted to focus more on Senate races next Tuesday than House ones—but there's plenty of political drama to hold your attention in the lower chamber. Among the most interesting races:
  • In New York's 11th district, a man facing a federal indictment
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W.Va. Democrats Skipping Obama's Nomination

Governor, senator, representative won't attend convention

(Newser) - You may not be surprised to hear that President Obama is not too popular in West Virginia, considering that a felon serving time in prison actually won more than 40% of the vote against him in last month's presidential primary. That unpopularity apparently extends to the uppermost echelons of... More »

GOP Challengers Target Democrats' 'War on Coal'

In coal-country, Republicans turn election into vote on Obama policies

(Newser) - Republicans are latching on to the idea of a Democrat-led “war on coal,” hoping to woo anxious residents of coal-country states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio by presenting their rivals as hostile to the industry—and it's working, and could lead to the Election Day demise of... More »

3 Stories