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Why North Korea Is Really Winning the Games

China's merely second, depending on how you count

(Newser) - The country really winning the Olympics is ... North Korea? If you've been following the Games you know that China and the US have been neck-and-neck in the medals count (with the gold-medal advantage going to China), but in a blog post spotted by the Pacific Standard , politics professor Seth... More »

Medvedev Blames Bureaucrats for Olympic Flop

President calls for overhaul of Soviet-era sports system

(Newser) - Russia's president on Monday demanded resignations from the "fat cat" sports bureaucrats behind his country's worst-ever Winter Olympic showing. "Unprecedented investments are being made in sports, but money is not everything," he says. Russia must focus on putting athletes, not "sports federations and their executives,"... More »

US Dominates New Sports, Old Soviet Strongholds

US, Asia make radical gains over former Soviet Union in classic events

(Newser) - Nate Silver hears the “cynical perspectives” on the US’ record take of 37 medals at the Vancouver Olympics: that newfound dominance is based on the inclusion of “new-fangled sports" like snowboarding and short-track. It’s not particularly valid. If you look only at events contested in the 1988... More »

37 US Medals Set Record, Canada Scores Most Gold

Epic hockey game ends with unprecedented haul for each country

(Newser) - The US and Canada each set Winter Olympic medal records yesterday, after a men’s hockey final that’s already being talked about as one of the greatest games of all time. Canada came away with 14 gold medals, the most any country has ever won in the winter games,... More »

US Breaks Medal Record

Ohno makes up for DQ with 8th medal

(Newser) - So rather than the Vonn-couver Olympics, these Games will likely belong to the entire US delegation instead. The Americans reached 34 medals with a silver and a bronze in short-track speedskating last night, and clinched two more by advancing to gold medal matches—36, topping the US record of 34... More »

Tiny Norway Hauls in the Medals, Gets Zero Respect

People assume Norwegians 'born on skis,' have it easy

(Newser) - The country that has won the third-most 2010 Olympic medals so far at 17—and the second highest number of golds—is one you probably haven’t given much thought to. But not only does Norway lay claim to these stats, it also has more Winter Games medals than any... More »

Ohno's 7th Medal Breaks US Record

Overcomes rare misstep to grab bronze; two more chances remain

(Newser) - Apolo Anton Ohno made history the hard way, overcoming a rare mistake that dropped him to last place before rallying to earn his record seventh Olympic medal. Ohno overtook two skaters on the last lap of the 1,500-meter short track final last night for a bronze, surpassing speedskater Bonnie... More »

US on Pace to Win Most Olympic Medals

Based on projections and medals so far, US could edge out Canada

(Newser) - Based on an analysis of Olympics projections from across the board, the US could come out on top of the medal count at this year’s games for the first time since Lake Placid—in 1932. Nate Silver averaged medal projections from 9 sources; after two days the US has... More »

8 Stories