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Atheist Billboards Go Up for Democratic Convention

Group puts up anti-Christianity, anti-Mormonism signs

(Newser) - People headed to the Democratic National Convention will be greeted by billboards condemning religion, thanks to American Atheists. The group is specifically targeting Mormonism and Christianity with the ads, which will be up starting today for a month in Charlotte, CNN reports. They read:
  • Christianity: "Sadistic God; Useless Savior,
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Atheist Group to Rip Out 'Immoral' Bible Pages

To point out 'immoral' sections

(Newser) - An outspoken California atheist group is taking a page out of Terry Jones’ book, and more than one page out of the Good Book. Backyard Skeptics will hold a demonstration on Huntington Beach tomorrow in which they rip pages out of the bible that they say depict immoral teachings, the... More »

Merry Christmas! Jersey Billboard Takes on God

Atheists battle Catholics in ad war

(Newser) - Just in time for Christmas ... a giant New Jersey billboard is challenging the existence of God. "You know it's a myth," says the atheist ad that appears over the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, featuring an image of the Magi traveling to a nativity scene. "This season,... More »

Atheist Ads Hit California

Ad campaign for nonbelievers reaches coast to coast

(Newser) - Got God? You're not alone if you don't, and a new California ad campaign wants you to know that's OK. The agnostic/atheist organization United Coalition of Reason 's ads reassure nonbelievers that millions share their position, and has now officially reached more than a dozen cities coast-to-coast from Manhattan and... More »

4 Stories