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Where Did Chins Come From?

Not from heavy chewing, a new study suggests

(Newser) - The human chin is something of a mystery to scientists. How, exactly, did we end up with a seemingly useless structure at the bottom of our face? One theory, as Smithsonian reported in 2012, is that they offer some support as we chew. Small amounts of stress can break down... More »

Shark Jaw Found in Kentucky Mine

It's from a shark comparable to a great white, experts say

(Newser) - A large 300-million-year-old shark jawbone was discovered in February in a place you might not expect: a Kentucky mine. Jay Wright was 700 feet underground, adding supports to a roof in the Dotiki Mine, when a rock fell and he saw "a bunch of teeth" above him. He pulled... More »

Roger Ebert Regains His Voice Online

Massive online journal is 'saving' ailing film critic as he faces death

(Newser) - Roger Ebert once “lived his life through microphones,” writes Chris Jones. But since his voice and the ability to eat or drink were taken from him in a 2006 surgery for thyroid cancer, he has returned to his best gift—the written word. “His new life is... More »

3 Stories