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Ralph Nader Takes on Airport Scanners

And privacy watchdog files lawsuit

(Newser) - Ralph Nader has teamed up with the Electronic Privacy Information Center in a campaign against the full-body scanners being installed in airports around the country. EPIC has filed a lawsuit urging a DC court of appeals to suspend the scanner program, arguing that the machines are easily hackable, store nude... More »

Airport Scanners to Dress Up 'Naked' Images

Software replaces everyone with generic guy in baseball hat

(Newser) - Good news, frequent fliers: Pretty soon airport security won’t be looking at sort of naked computer-generated images of you when you step into the full-body scanner anymore. Thanks to an ingenious software upgrade, those scanners will soon instead show a generic image of a man in t-shirt, jeans, and... More »

Feds Admit Storing Body Scans

Scanners capable of storing, sending images

(Newser) - The "virtual strip search" images taken by airport body scanners, which federal agencies have long insisted can't and won't be stored, have been stored in the tens of thousands. The US Marshals service has admitted that over 30,000 of the über-revealing images were stored at a single... More »

Harvard Student Sues Google Over Buzz Privacy Breach

Class-action suit seeks to stop Google sharing personal data

(Newser) - A Harvard Law School student has launched a class-action lawsuit against Google Buzz, arguing the social network system violated her and other users' right to privacy. Eva Hibnick was automatically signed up for the network without her consent when she logged onto Gmail and people she hadn't spoken to in... More »

Watchdog: Google Buzz Skirted Wiretap Laws

Group files complaint with FTC, wants more changes

(Newser) - A watchdog group has filed a formal complaint with the FTC over Google’s much-derided launch of Buzz. The Electronic Privacy Information Center wants the FTC to order more sweeping protections than Google itself has subsequently unveiled, and it suggests the search giant violated wiretapping laws. More »

5 Stories