moon bear

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Zoo Bear Mauls Dad, Toddler

Two recovering after girl climbs into enclosure

(Newser) - A father truly protected his cub yesterday after a 3-year-old girl climbed into a bear enclosure at a German zoo. The toddler—who climbed over a 41-inch fence into a moat while her parents were looking the other way—was swiped in the forehead by an Asiatic moon bear before... More »

'Bile Farmers' Turn Bears' Lives Into Misery

Keepers extract bile from their gall bladders to sell

(Newser) - The moon bear is a threatened species in Vietnam and other South Asia nations, and a gruesome trend is making matters worse. Moon bear "farmers" keep thousands of the bears caged, then crudely extract bile from their gall bladders with a syringe to sell for reputed benefits in Chinese... More »

2 Stories