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Pickup Lines for Al Gore

Sample: "I promise to finish second"

(Newser) - Al Gore is known for a lot of things—losing the presidency, "inventing" the Internet, fighting global warming—but charisma ain't one of them. Thankfully, comedian Andy Borowitz and his Twitter followers want to help the newly-single activist woo the ladies. Here are some of the best pickup... More »

What Not to Say to a Redhead

Start with 'carrot top' and way-too-personal pickup lines

(Newser) - As a redhead, Rose Martelli has heard every one of your witty comments about her hair, thank you very much. At Asylum.com, she lists what never to say to a redhead. Here's a sampling:
  • Carrot top: Extremely funny. In first grade.
  • Do your drapes match the carpet? "Thank
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2 Stories