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Lehman Lives on— and It's Getting Bigger

Financial giants refuse to die, Steven Davidoff explains

(Newser) - You might remember Lehman Brothers from its starring role in kicking off 2008's financial crisis by declaring bankruptcy, and hence, you might think it is dead and buried. But you'd be wrong, writes Steven Davidoff in the New York Times : Lehman is actually still shambling around, zombie-like, and... More »

Very Quietly, GOP Looks to Repeal Financial Reform

But Dodd-Frank law is more popular with public than health care

(Newser) - When House Republicans began efforts to repeal Obamacare, they did so with much fanfare. Not so for their efforts to repeal another major Obama effort: the financial reform Dodd-Frank law. Republicans quietly took the first step toward repeal yesterday, introducing the first five bills targeting Dodd-Frank at a lightly attended... More »

US Bank Lending Falls at Fastest Rate in History

Figures spark renewed fears that feds are at a loss

(Newser) - The US bank lending rate has fallen its fastest in history, sparking renewed fears that the government hasn't done enough to prop up the economy and that America's troubles are far from over. Lending has plummeted $100 billion just since January, which amounts to a 16% annualized drop. Some $740... More »

3 Stories