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Is Scorsese Becoming Irrelevant?

Shutter Island is a waste of our time

(Newser) - Martin Scorsese's name has been synonymous with great filmmaking for decades—well, all decades except the last one. Though he finally got his Oscar and had plenty of box-office success, The Departed was the only film of the 2000s to register, barely, on critics best-of lists. Post-Academy Award, concert film... More »

Scorsese Goes Gothic in Shattering Shutter Island

Director's mastery on display in finely crafted B-movie

(Newser) - Martin Scorsese has crafted a gripping '50s-era thrill ride in Shutter Island, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as federal marshals probing a disappearance at a hospital for the criminally insane, say critics.
  • The movie is a "nerve-twisting, tension-jammed exercise in pure paranoia—and possibly Scorsese's most commercial
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2 Stories