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Muslim Customer Sues Little Caesars for $100M

Mohamad Bazzi ordered 'halal' pepperoni, but claims he got pork

(Newser) - A Muslim man claims he was served and accidentally ate pork, a food prohibited in his religion, after ordering a halal pepperoni pizza advertised at Little Caesars. And he plans on making the franchise pay up. The Detroit News reports that Mohamad Bazzi, 32, saw a sign in the window... More »

Why Food Vendors in Malaysia Have to Rename Hot Dogs

Government tells Auntie Anne's that 'dog' can't be in product name if it wants halal certification

(Newser) - What's in a name? In Malaysia, a heck of a lot when it comes to hot dogs. Per the BBC , the country's Islamic Development Department has told food vendors in the mostly Muslim nation that if they want a halal designation (meaning food items have been given the... More »

French Food Chain Slammed for Switch to Halal

Lack of bacon burgers irks right-wing politicians

(Newser) - French fast-food chain Quick is under attack from nationalist politicians for switching to a Muslim-friendly menu in 8 of its 362 restaurants. The decision to make burgers from halal beef and replace bacon with turkey in the restaurants, all located in heavily Muslim areas, is an "unacceptable" sign of... More »

3 Stories