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Outrage Brews Over Domestic Abuse Makeup Tips

'Do not cover domestic violence with makeup, condemn the aggressor!': petition

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch says Morocco has had a "tepid response" to domestic violence over the years, and the country's latest attempt at dealing with the issue is unlikely to score any new points. A state TV tutorial on Channel 2M's Sabahiyat show last week featured a... More »

S. Korean Leader Accepts Responsibility for Strange Scandal

Park Geun-hye says 'sad thoughts trouble my sleep'

(Newser) - South Korea's president bowed as she arrived at the podium and shook as she spoke. For nine minutes, she apologized, she expressed remorse, and she reached out for sympathy. In the face of nearly universal outrage among South Koreans, Park Geun-hye accepted full responsibility for an increasingly bizarre political... More »

Leader of Police Group Offers Unprecedented Apology

He wants to break 'historic cycle of mistrust'

(Newser) - It is time to break the "historic cycle of mistrust" between police and minority groups in America, the leader of America's biggest association of police chiefs said at the group's annual meeting in San Diego Monday, offering an unprecedented apology. There is much to be proud of... More »

Fox Settles Gretchen Carlson's Sex Harassment Suit for $20M

And Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News

(Newser) - Gretchen Carlson will take $20 million off Fox News' hands, settling on Roger Ailes' behalf in response to Carlson's sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit, reports Vanity Fair . Included with the settlement is what the magazine calls an "unprecedented" public apology for Carlson, an apparent effort by Fox... More »

Maine Governor: 'Maybe It's Time to Move On'

Paul LePage says he's mulling a resignation, but he hasn't made any final decisions

(Newser) - Paul LePage may have more free time to partake in 1825-style duels soon if he steps down as Maine's governor, floating the latter idea Tuesday on a local radio station while addressing reaction to recent inflammatory statements he's made, per the Portland Press Herald . "I'm looking... More »

George Lucas Walks Back Epic Slam on Disney

Apologizes for 'white slavers' comment

(Newser) - George Lucas has made clear that he's not happy with all of Disney's decisions regarding the new generation of Star Wars films, but he's now apologizing for his eyebrow-raising choice of words, reports the LA Times . Turns out, he doesn't think Disney is made up of... More »

So Sorry: Week's Top 5 Apologies

From politicians to hockey fans

(Newser) - Some of the more notable public apologies of the week:
  • Pelosi slam: "I made a poor attempt at humor to talk about her reaction and for that I apologize."—Sen. Lindsey Graham, after mocking Nancy Pelosi's reaction to the Netanyahu speech with a reference to "
... More »

Top 5 Apologies of the Week

Including an unfortunate Lady Gaga reference

(Newser) - Kanye, Keith, and yet another politician who learns that it's always wise to ditch the Hitler analogy are among the week's notable apology-makers:
  • Until next year: "I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck. I also want to publicly apologize to Bruno Mars,
... More »

Kanye to Beck: 'I'm Sorry'

Rapper is apparently on an apology kick

(Newser) - Is Kanye West perhaps actually admitting he was wrong? The rapper made headlines ( and enemies ) when he almost interrupted Beck's Grammys acceptance speech and later explained that Beyonce should have won , but it seems he's seen the error of his ways, the New York Post reports.... More »

5 Apologies of the Week

Including mea culpas over weddings and feminism

(Newser) - Someone somewhere is always apologizing for something. Here are some high-profile ones over the past week:
  • Wedding bells: "Listen. Congratulations on your wedding. I feel terrible. Nobody told us."—President Obama, to Ed Mallue Jr. and Natalie Heimel after they had to move their wedding from a
... More »

Best Apologies of the Week

Including a young stock whiz who wasn't quite

(Newser) - Somebody somewhere always seems to be apologizing for something. Five favorites from the week:
  • You are not accepted: “Earlier today, you may have received an email from us with the subject line: Embrace the YES! Please note that this email was sent in error. ... We regret this technical mistake
... More »

Gene Simmons: Sorry About That Depression Screed

'I deeply regret any offhand remarks'

(Newser) - Remember that time when Gene Simmons not-so-charmingly said depressed people should just kill themselves ? Well, after Robin Williams— a depressed person — really did kill himself , people took exception to Simmons' screed, a #BanGene hashtag got going, and some radio stations stopped playing KISS' music. Now, as E! Online... More »

Oldman: Sorry, Jews Really Are 'Chosen People'

Actor had railed to 'Playboy' defending Mel Gibson's comments

(Newser) - Gary Oldman has offered a predictable mea culpa for his obscene rant to Playboy , in which he defended the obscene (and racist/anti-gay) rants of Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin. "I am deeply remorseful that comments I recently made ... were offensive to many Jewish people," Oldman said in a... More »

Sorry, Beck: Sometimes It's Too Late to Apologize

Caitlin Dickson, Matt Lewis say they're not letting Fox's ex-demagogue off the hook

(Newser) - Glenn Beck yesterday expressed remorse for, in his words, "helping tear the country apart" during his Fox News tenure. But Caitlin Dickson at the Daily Beast isn't accepting that apology, calling it "too little, too late." This is the guy who once told the world that... More »

20 Celebrity Mea Culpas

Paula Deen joins their ranks

(Newser) - Paula Deen has made a couple of public apologies and/or explanations (not all of them grammatically correct ) for her still-exploding n-word controversy. But she needn't feel alone; she joins a whole slew of other celebrities who had to do the same. Wonderwall rounds up 19 others:
  • Hugh Grant:
... More »

Top 5 Political Apologies of All Time

Bill Clinton, Tom Feeney make Politico's list

(Newser) - Freshman Democratic Rep. David Cicilline swallowed hard a couple of weeks ago and apologized for his financial blunders back when he was mayor of Providence, Rhode Island—which inspired Politico to recall their favorite all-time political apologies. Among them:
  • Former Florida Rep. Tom Feeney: His 2003 golfing trip to Scotland
... More »

24 Years of Limbaugh Apologies

Rush apologizes rarely, and usually without enthusiasm

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh's apology yesterday for calling a law student a "slut" surprised many—after all, he doesn't give out many mea culpas. And even when he does, he doesn't really put a lot of heart into most of them. So BuzzFeed takes a look at Limbaugh'... More »

Schultz Apologizes for 'Vile' Ingraham Remarks

MSNBC host calls it his lowest moment

(Newser) - Ed Schultz apologized last night for calling conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut,” and said he has offered to take an “indefinite” break from his MSNBC show without pay. In what Mediaite calls “a remarkably fulsome and sincere apology,” Schultz acknowledged that he... More »

Olbermann Refused to Give On-Air Mea Culpa

Another reason MSNBC suspended him

(Newser) - Another reason behind Keith Olbermann's suspension: The Countdown anchor refused to apologize for his actions on-air, insisting that he didn't know any prohibitions on campaign donations existed, Mike Allen over at Politico posits. Olbermann is presently paid $7 million annually and holds a primetime MSNBC spot, but he may have... More »

What to Wear to a Public Apology: Blue

(Newser) - Looking back on a few decades of public apologies, blue appears to be the "it" color for people who say they are sorry in front of the world. Why blue? Color experts say we "believe" blue more than any other color. Bill Clinton went with blue in the... More »

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