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New Year's Fun Knocks Alaska Town Off the Internet

Someone shot out the cable line, and it's still not fixed

(Newser) - It's going to be tough for anyone in Tanana, Alaska, to read this story because the Internet's been out since New Year's Eve. It seems revelers fired their shotguns into the air in celebration and took out a fiber-optic cable line, reports the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner . The... More »

75-Year-Old Brings Down Internet in Two Countries

Woman was scavenging for metal when she came upon fiber-optic cable

(Newser) - Say it with me: Seriously? A 75-year-old woman single-handedly brought down the internet in Georgia and neighboring Armenia for several hours on March 28. The senior citizen was apparently digging for scrap metal when she came upon the fiber-optic cable and "cut it to with a view to stealing... More »

Ticked-Off Citizen Ending City Hall's Internet Hookup

Palo Alto losing free connection after approving cell tower

(Newser) - Palo Alto's government ticked off the wrong citizen, and now it's looking for a new Internet connection for city hall and other buildings. As the San Jose Mercury News explains, the trouble began when the city gave tentative approval for construction of a cell phone tower at a church across... More »

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

Other regimes might be able to do the same thing

(Newser) - Conventional wisdom holds that the Internet is too resilient and decentralized for a government to simply shut it down, but Egypt managed to do just that, and engineers are just starting to realize how. Cairo controls—and was able to close off—the handful of lines that connect Egypt to... More »

Broadband's Too Costly, Say Those Without It

Another big group lacks digital literacy, says survey

(Newser) - As the FCC works to provide speedy Internet service to everybody, a new survey suggests it faces two big hurdles: cost and digital literacy. Among those who don't have broadband Internet—an estimated 93 million Americans—the most common reason (36%) is that it costs too much. Coming in second... More »

5 Stories