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'Follow' Hack Causes Twitter Pandemonium

Privacy gap closed, but not before some opportunistic hijinks

(Newser) - If your Twitter account lists no followers or follow-ees, thank the happy-go-lucky iPhone acquirers at Gizmodo , who tipped the tech world to a vulnerability this morning. It's no longer working, but the web interface allowed the attention-starved to type "accept" and the Twitter name of any account, thereby gaining... More »

Conan Follows Random Woman on Twitter

'Sarah Killen, your life is about to change,' late-night exile warned

(Newser) - Since Conan O'Brien joined the ranks of the unemployed, he's taken Twitter by storm and brought fame to his beard and assorted other associates. Now the ousted Tonight Show host, who has more than a half-million Twitter followers but before Friday wasn't following anyone—not even his own beard, squirrel,... More »

Conan Tops 400K Twitter Followers; Beard Has 144

Fans can also read thoughts of squirrel, monkey, Sharpie, freckles

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien’s breakout Twitter success—442,296 followers and counting—may be overshadowing the exploits of a coterie of related microbloggers. Conan’s beard (144 followers) has something to say, as do the squirrel who lives in his backyard (1,191), his freckles (14), and his Sharpie marker... More »

Conan Conquers Twitter Amid Return Rumors

Fox deal may upstage Jay Leno's Tonight Show return

(Newser) - Jay Leno may have the Tonight Show but Conan O'Brien has captured the Twitter crown. O'Brien set up his now authenticated Twitter account yesterday and nabbed 200,000 followers within hours, dwarfing Leno's following of around 30,000, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Today I interviewed a squirrel in... More »

4 Stories