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Groom Hits on Pregnant Server, Brawl Ensues

Jailed newlywed tried to make waitress drink liquor, she says

(Newser) - A wedding bash on a Pittsburgh boat over the weekend went terribly wrong, ending with the arrests of an off-duty state trooper, a local school board member, and the groom himself, with the bride standing forlornly on the curb as they were taken away. The reported reason for the chaos:... More »

Congressman Rejects Tea Party Endorsement

Idaho's Walt Minnick cites racist blog post

(Newser) - Idaho Rep. Walt Minnick would rather do without the distinction of being the only Democrat ever endorsed by the Tea Party Express. In the wake of the flap over a racist blog post by group spokesman Mark Williams, Minnick is rejecting the Tea Party Express endorsement he grudgingly accepted in... More »

Tea Party Boots Tea Party Express Over Racist Letter

Racism dispute divides tea party movement

(Newser) - The recent dispute between the NAACP and the Tea Party has opened a major rift within the Tea Party movement: This weekend the National Tea Party Federation booted the Tea Party Express from its ranks after group spokesman Mark Williams posted a satirical letter to Abraham Lincoln from "colored... More »

Tea Party Boss: We're Not Racist, the NAACP Is

Mark Williams says they're 'trying to make a buck off skin color'

(Newser) - Looks like the tea party is going with the old "I'm rubber and you're glue" defense to the NAACP's accusation that it harbors racists . Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams got into a heated back-in-forth on CNN yesterday, in which anchor Roland Martin challenged him to tell racists they... More »

Right Goes Nuts Over Ground Zero Mosque

Even though the Imam is a moderate who works with FBI

(Newser) - Remember Tea Party honcho Mark Williams' “ monkey god ” outburst? Well he's not the only right-winger spewing flames over the proposed Muslim community center being built a few blocks from Ground Zero. The imam behind the center says it's designed to “bridge and heal a divide” and says... More »

Tea Party Head Apologizes for 'Monkey God' Comment...

...To Hindus who do worship a monkey god

(Newser) - Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams today apologized profusely for saying that Muslims worship a “ monkey god .” But not to Muslims. “I owe an apology,” he wrote on his blog , “to millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God. Hanuman is worshiped... More »

Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'

(Newser) - A prominent Tea Party leader has lashed out at the proposed construction of a mosque near Ground Zero, calling Allah a "monkey-god." On his blog, Mark Williams, chairman of the Tea Party Express, called the planned mosque and cultural center a monument to 9/11 terrorists "for the... More »

Tea Party Boss: Obama's a Half-White Racist

Mark Williams: 'I'll defend my race record to no one'

(Newser) - Leading Tea Partier Martin Williams labeled President Obama a "half-white" racist in an email to other Tea Party Express leaders unearthed by TPM . Williams appears to be responding to accusations of racism himself in the email, which refers to a CNN interview in which Anderson Cooper made "false... More »

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