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Woman Who 'Jumped' From Cruise Ship Wakes, Denies Jumping

Attempted murder investigation opened

(Newser) - Laura Stuardo fell from her cabin balcony on the Costa Fortuna cruise ship while it was docked in a Norwegian city on July 19, and authorities thought she had jumped—a theory she could neither confirm nor deny, as she was in a coma after being rescued. But now the... More »

Costa Concordia Trial Opens, Immediately Stalls

Hearing adjourned until next week

(Newser) - The trial of Francesco Schettino, captain of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise liner, began today, 18 months after the ship ran aground—and was almost immediately postponed, the BBC reports. The hearing was adjourned to July 17 because a nationwide lawyers' strike is going on in Italy. (It involves a... More »

Survivors Mark 1 Year Since Costa Concordia

Ship still sits off Italian coast awaiting salvage operation

(Newser) - Part of the massive rock that ripped through the hull of the Costa Concordia a year ago today was returned to the sea bearing a plaque memorializing the 32 victims that died in the wreck. That tribute led memorial services today, as survivors and victims' families returned to the site... More »

Costa Captain Faces 1,000 Survivors in Theater Hearing

Francesco Schettino hears evidence in manslaughter charge

(Newser) - Charged with manslaughter, the Costa Concordia's ex-captain arrived in court today to hear evidence against him in the accident that killed 32. In a Tuscan theater functioning as a courtroom, Francesco Schettino reportedly faced more than 1,000 survivors of the disaster. "We want to look him in... More »

Costa Concordia Captain Offers Some Kind of Apology

Francesco Schettino says he's sorry because 'it's normal that I should'

(Newser) - The captain who was "distracted" when the Costa Concordia sailed smack into a rock finally took to TV yesterday to at last say sorry, though it doesn't sound like the passion quotient was too high. "When there's an accident, it's not just the ship that'... More »

Cranky Costa Allegra Passengers Return to Shore

Cruise-gone-wrong full of overflowing toilets, and very hot

(Newser) - The passengers of the Costa Allegra are back on dry land today, and while their voyage didn't end as tragically as the Costa Concordia, let's just say it wasn't the paradise they envisioned. "The toilets were running over, there was no electricity. It was very hot,... More »

French Boat Towing Stranded Costa Cruise Ship

Costa Allegra due to arrive at Seychelles island

(Newser) - A French fishing boat is towing the Costa Allegra to the Seychelles after the Concordia's sister ship lost power yesterday , officials say. The more than 1,000 people aboard the ship will be evacuated to Descroches island, and then sent to the Seychelles' main island, Mahe. A pair of... More »

Fire Sets Costa Sister Ship Adrift

No one hurt after engine-room crisis

(Newser) - Another public relations nightmare for operators of the Costa Concordia —though this time, no one was hurt. Concordia sister ship the Costa Allegra suffered a fire in its engine room, prompting the engines to be shut off some 260 miles from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Now the... More »

Italy Calls Off Search for Cruise Victims

16 still listed as missing, but conditions too dangerous

(Newser) - The 16 passengers of the ill-fated Costa Concordia still listed as missing will likely remain that way: Italy today called off the search for their bodies, saying conditions are too dangerous to allow rescue workers to proceed. The decision was made following technical studies of the ship's damaged hull,... More »

Costa Concordia Wreck Will Take Months to Remove

Locals worried about cruise ship's environmental impact

(Newser) - It could take as long as 10 months to remove the downed Costa Concordia from the reef off the island of Giglio, and residents are starting to worry about the impact the wreck will have on tourism and the environment. Another blast was set off in an underwater compartment, but... More »

Costa Survivors to Get $14K Each

16th body found in cruise ship disaster

(Newser) - Well, it's better than 30% off your next cruise : Costa Concordia survivors will each walk away with $14,400 in compensation, says an Italian tourism industry group. The payout covers damaged and lost property, as well as psychological distress, and includes reimbursement for the trip plus travel costs, CNN... More »

Costa Offers Survivors 30% Off... a New Cruise

Victims slams 'insulting' compensation, plan class action lawsuit

(Newser) - The cruise line that operated the doomed Costa Concordia has a strange way of compensating the victims of its shipwreck—30% discounts off a future cruise, provided survivors stick with Costa Cruises, reports the New York Daily News . “The company is not only going to refund everybody, but they... More »

Costa Captain: Bosses Made Me Perform 'Sail-Pasts'

Costa Cruise captains do them for publicity: Schettino

(Newser) - The captain of Costa Concordia insists his bosses ordered him to sail close to land for publicity-boosting "salutes," the Telegraph reports. Sparking a war of words with Costa Cruises, Captain Francesco Schettino says that "Costa was aware of the frequent practise of cruise ships performing sail- pasts.... More »

Cruise Captain Waited 73 Min. to Order Evacuation

Rescue operations suspended again

(Newser) - Rescuers yet again suspended operations on the Costa Concordia wreck today, as scrutiny of Captain Francesco Schettino's final actions deepened. Investigators are trying to figure out why Schettino waited 73 minutes after hitting rocks to sound an evacuation alarm—and whether the abrupt turn he made doomed the ship.... More »

Cruise Ship Crash in Egypt Kills 3

Costa Cruises blames 'unexpected wind blow' for fatal accident

(Newser) - A cruise ship sailing from Dubai to Italy with 1,437 passengers aboard crashed while docking today in Egypt, killing three crew members. Three passengers and another crew member were taken to the hospital in Sharm el-Sheik, a popular tourist destination on the Red Sea. Costa Cruises’ CEO says poor... More »

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