heart failure

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'Fit and Healthy' Spouses Die Within Hours While Vacationing

Family of John and Susan Cooper don't get how they died so suddenly after stay at Egyptian hotel

(Newser) - A UK couple's family wants answers after the pair suddenly died within hours of each other while vacationing in Egypt. Daughter Kelly Ormerod, who was on holiday with John Cooper, 69, and Susan Cooper, said to be in her early 60s, at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel in Hurghada,... More »

'Exciting' Find Could Mean Fewer Heart Transplants

Protein 'tricks' heart into healthier behavior

(Newser) - Scientists in Canada say they've found a way to trick the heart, making it behave as if it were the beneficiary of exercise even if no exercise was able to be done. According to a study in Cell Research , the Ottawa researchers discovered that protein cardiotrophin 1 (CT1) can... More »

True Blood Actor Died After Trying to Detox: Family

Father of Nelsan Ellis says his son's body simply gave out during alcohol withdrawal

(Newser) - The family of Nelsan Ellis has confirmed what his manager, Emily Gerson Saines, said immediately after his death : that the True Blood actor died of complications from heart failure. Now more details are emerging, with Ellis' father revealing to the Hollywood Reporter through Saines that Ellis' heart failure had come... More »

Beer Isn't Wrecking Just Your Liver—It's Bad for Your Heart

The cardiac arrhythmias seem to be mostly benign, but some are more worrying

(Newser) - Armed with hand-held breathalyzers and EKGs, German scientists put in a hard month's work at Munich's Oktoberfest as they mingled with thousands of men and women who were "under the stress of alcohol," to use the scientific term. Now they're reporting in the European Heart ... More »

The Super-Tall Tend to Die Young—but Why?

Phenomenon may be linked to how excess growth hormone affects the heart

(Newser) - Andre the Giant may be the most well-known; Neil Fingleton, who played Mag the Mighty on Game of Thrones, is the most recent . Both actors were seriously tall men who died young (Andre was 46, Fingleton 36), and Gizmodo wants to know why. The site looks into the common fate... More »

Vitamin D Helps Damaged Hearts

Patients who took supplements showed marked improvement

(Newser) - A new study makes the case that patients suffering from heart failure should consider taking vitamin D supplements daily. UK researchers who followed the progress of about 160 such patients found that the vitamin made a big difference in improving damaged hearts, reports the Telegraph . The researchers gave some patients... More »

Family Sues Restaurant After Son Eats Pancakes, Dies

Teenager had a severe allergy to dairy

(Newser) - A family in Minnesota is suing a local restaurant after their son ate two pancakes there and died last June. They say that 16-year-old Scott Johnson, who was so allergic to dairy that trace amounts had sent him to the emergency room before and the family generally avoided dining out,... More »

Salt, Bad for You? Nope, Never Was

Gary Taubes cracks open flimsy anti-salt science

(Newser) - Time to crack open those Sun Chips, folks: Looks like salt is not only good for you, avoiding salt may be bad for you. In a daring New York Times piece, Gary Taubes challenges the standard salt-is-deadly wisdom by rolling out a few studies and quoting a few experts. "... More »

Breitbart's Cause of Death: Heart Failure

Conservative firebrand collapsed while walking last month

(Newser) - The Los Angeles County coroner's office has ruled that conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure stemming from coronary disease. A coroner spokesman said that a negligible amount of alcohol was found in Breitbart's system but no prescription or illicit drugs. Foul play is not... More »

Elizabeth Taylor in Hospital With Heart Failure

78-year-old has a lengthy history of health problems

(Newser) - Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized for symptoms related to congestive heart failure, reports People, "an ongoing condition" she was diagnosed with in 2004. "This issue is being addressed," says a statement from her reps. The 78-year-old actress, who has a litany of health problems, had been scheduled... More »

Now Pulseless, Dick Cheney Rejoins the Living

Heart pump allows him to give speeches, even hunt

(Newser) - Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse. But he is still alive, thanks to the mechanical heart pump he received in July. The pump, reports the New York Times , both saved his life and allowed him to start living it again. Case in point: Last month, after being out of... More »

Feds Further Link Avandia to Heart Risk

FDA, Senate reports lambaste GlaxoSmithKline, want to yank drug

(Newser) - Some 800 people every month suffer heart attacks or heart failure because of the diabetes medication Avandia, according to government reports obtained by the New York Times . Under fire since 2007, the GlaxoSmithKline drug was linked to 304 deaths in the final quarter of last year and hundreds of thousands... More »

Deadly Mamba May Save Heart Patients

Ingredient in venom helps heart without hurting kidneys

(Newser) - Scientists believe the deadly green mamba may hold the key to saving many heart failure patients. A hormone found in the African tree snake's venom helps widen blood vessels to deliver its poison faster, reducing high blood pressure in the process. The hormone also appears to boost kidney function, researchers... More »

Police Brutality? It Could Just Be Excited Delirium

Research may help clear cops who end up with dead perps

(Newser) - New research could help exonerate police officers accused of using excessive force to restrain unruly perpetrators, New Scientist reports. So far the American Medical Association has not recognized “excited delirium,” a condition describing an agitated, combative person who exhibits superhuman strength and high body temperature—a rare condition... More »

Jacko Doc May Have Dozed During IV Drip

Cops think Murray awoke to find singer already dead

(Newser) - Conrad Murray told police he gave Michael Jackson a powerful IV drip hours before he died, but authorities suspect the doctor dozed off only to awaken and find the singer already dead of heart failure, reports TMZ. Experts consider it “reckless” to administer Propofol without using an EKG to... More »

Mays Autopsy Shows No Drugs, No Trauma

(Newser) - Initial autopsy results suggest that infomercial celebrity Billy Mays died of heart failure, the medical examiner announced today. The autopsy didn’t reveal any head trauma or drug abuse, both rumored causes of the 50-year-old's death, but did find hardening of his arteries, the St. Petersburg Times reports. He was... More »

'Stayin' Alive' in Rhythm With CPR

(Newser) - Disco may be dead, but it can still help others live. So say University of Illinois researchers, who found that med students performed CPR more effectively to the beat of the Bee Gees classic “Stayin’ Alive,” notes the Health Blog of the Wall Street Journal. Seems the song... More »

Half-Ton Mexican Man Dies After Pleading For Help

Man had gone on TV to ask nation for assistance in solving his weight problem

(Newser) - A bedridden 990-pound man who had appealed on Mexican television for help tackling his weight problem has died of heart failure, AP reports. Emergency officials had to knock down Jose Luis Garza's bedroom wall and hoist him onto the back of a friend's pickup truck to take him to the... More »

Bo Diddley Dead at 79

Innovator could never capitalize on his status

(Newser) - Rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley, who made his first recordings in 1955 and was still touring last year, died today at 79, the AP reports. The singer and guitarist, born Ellas Bates in Mississippi in 1928, not only pioneered distorted guitar tones; his bragging, syncopated style foreshadowed rap as... More »

Tragic Bond Links Heart Donor, Recipient

Men married same woman, committed suicide 12 years apart

(Newser) - A Georgia man who took his own life last week had lived 12 years after receiving a transplanted heart from a South Carolina man who also committed suicide, police said. And in a twist worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, the donor's widow had met and married the recipient, the Hilton... More »

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