Rick Sanchez 9 meters

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Jon Stewart: Rick Sanchez Is Like a Coke Freak

CNN anchor a bit too intense...not to mention incorrect

(Newser) - After Rick Sanchez testily asked an expert to translate nine meters into “English,” it was only a matter of time before Jon Stewart weighed in. “CNN: The most trusted name in over-caffeinated control freaks,” Stewart said last night after showing clips of Sanchez aggressively directing the... More »

Rick Sanchez Doesn't Know What 9 Meters Is

In tsunami report, testy CNN host asks what that is 'in English'

(Newser) - While reporting on the earthquake-induced tsunami yesterday, CNN talking head Rick Sanchez testily asked an expert what a 9-meter drop in ocean levels was "in English." The blogosphere erupted in response, with Newsbusters incredulously noting his need for translation, while Gawker labeled his comment "exponentially more assy... More »

2 Stories