Drill, Baby, Drill

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Sarah Palin: See, We Need to Drill in Alaska

She bashes 'extreme greenies' who criticized 'drill, baby, drill'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is using the Gulf oil spill to push the idea of drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife National Refuge, reports CNN . "Extreme Greenies: see now why we push 'drill,baby,drill' of known reserves & promising finds in safe onshore places like ANWR? Now do you get it?"... More »

Shell Gets Go Ahead for Arctic Drilling

Court clears the way for exploratory drill

(Newser) - Shell got the go ahead to ' drill, baby, drill ' in the Arctic this summer, after a three-judge panel rejected a legal challenge standing in the way of their plans. The court determined that the federal Minerals Management Service ( Um, remember them? ) weighed the potential threat to... More »

Gulf Spill Will Make Us Care About the Planet Again

Paul Krugman finds a silver lining in changing public opinion

(Newser) - We can't begin to guess the full devastation of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but Paul Krugman finds an unexpected silver lining: Environmental destruction has become "photogenic again." Just as Earth Day was born four decades ago of an America sickened by images of Santa Barbara beaches coated in... More »

Regulate, Baby, Regulate; Drilling Won't Solve Much

Only energy industry re-regulation can stop zooming gas prices

(Newser) - President Obama's decision to open up new offshore drilling was a brilliant political move that may or may not harm the environment, Thomas Frank writes in the Wall Street Journal. But if Obama wants to avoid a repeat of the oil price crisis of 2008—that which fueled the "... More »

Five More Lindsey Grahams, and We Have an Energy Bill

GOP senator says party will lose country's youth if it doesn't green up

(Newser) - There's more to the GOP energy policy than just "Drill, baby, drill"—or at least there will be if Lindsey Graham has anything to do with it. The South Carolina Republican is teaming with Joe Lieberman and John Kerry to push hefty carbon-cutting legislation, and he tells Thomas... More »

5 Stories