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Disney Backs Down in Tiff With LA Times

After critics groups, other media outlets threatened repercussions

(Newser) - The Walt Disney Company backed down Tuesday and will once again grant film critics from the Los Angeles Times access to advanced press screenings after a number of news outlets—including the New York Times and AV Club—announced they would boycott screenings in solidarity, the New York Times reports.... More »

Miffed Mom of Fired Critic Cancels USA Today Subscription

Mother of laid-off journalist gives subscription department a piece of her mind

(Newser) - USA Today canned about 70 employees on Wednesday, including film critic Scott Bowles, who had been with the paper for 17 years, reports the New York Times . Bowles says there's no proof, but he believes he was fired—right after returning from the memorial service for his dad, Detroit ... More »

Random Woman Punches Movie Critic at Screening

But it wasn't about anything Stephen Witty wrote

(Newser) - A film critic got punched in the face at a press screening in New York this week, and not because he had anything bad to say about the movie. The bizarre story began when a woman sat next to Stephen Whitty, who writes for the New Jersey Star-Ledger. Whitty says... More »

Roger Ebert Remembered for 'Big Heart' at Funeral

'He was one of us,' said Mayor Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - A huge crowd attended Roger Ebert's funeral today at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, where friends, family, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel paid tribute to the country's most famous film critic, the Chicago Tribune reports. "He had a heart big enough to accept and love all," said... More »

Ebert Was Our 'Ideal Companion' at the Movies

Wife, fellow critics reflect on his legacy

(Newser) - Following Roger Ebert's passing, voices across the country are remembering his landmark contribution to film criticism—as well as his companionship.
  • At Variety , Justin Chang reflects on Ebert's "characteristic good nature and genuine delight in engaging with his readers—the very qualities that made him, for so
... More »

Roger Ebert Dead at 70

Film critic had long battled cancer

(Newser) - Film critic Roger Ebert has died of cancer at age 70, reports his own newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times . Ebert had announced only yesterday that his cancer had returned , but he vowed to continue writing reviews when he could. He gained fame with his At the Movies television show with the... More »

Roger Ebert's Cancer Is Back

Critic taking a 'leave of presence' from reviewing

(Newser) - Roger Ebert is announcing a "leave of presence" from his work as a critic as he suffers from "a new cancer," he writes at the Chicago Sun-Times . Radiation treatment prevents him from attending screenings as frequently as in the past, but his work will go on, he... More »

Shyamalan: I'm Speaking a 'Different Language'

M. Night gets the bad news about Airbender's reviews

(Newser) - M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t worry about the critics. In fact, he says he wasn’t even aware of the brutal reviews for The Last Airbender until he gave an interview to New York magazine yesterday. “I don’t know what to say to that stuff,” Shyamalan replied... More »

Miley 'Ghastly' in Last Song

Critics not fond of Nicholas Sparks exercise in teen love, death

(Newser) - The Last Song has two strikes against it in most critics' opinions: It's Nicholas Sparks' adaptation of his book...and it stars Miley Cyrus. On the plus side, baby turtles? Some takes:
  • It's not that bad, Roger Moore writes in the Orlando Sentinel . "Not a great film," of
... More »

Roger Ebert to Oprah: 'My Life Is Happy'

Film critic talks about life after cancer treatments

(Newser) - Roger Ebert is fine with the way his face looks after cancer surgeries, and he tells Oprah he's not going through another one for purely cosmetic reasons. "This is the way I look, and my life is happy and productive so why have any more surgery," he said... More »

Oprah Books Ebert

Film critic will use computer for interview on Tuesday's show

(Newser) - Roger Ebert can no longer speak , but he's been booked on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The legendary film critic, who lost his lower jaw during cancer treatment, communicates with computer assistance. He's been in the news thanks to an Esquire profile and his good-natured reaction , and the queen of all... More »

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