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At Georgia Colleges, Guns OK in All but Most 'Sensitive Places'

Gov. Deal wanted certain areas excluded

(Newser) - Gov. Nathan Deal signed legislation Thursday allowing people with permits to carry concealed handguns on Georgia's public college campuses, despite the objections of state university leaders and his own veto of a campus-carry measure last year. Deal shocked fellow Republicans with strenuous objections to guns on campus in last... More »

Pottymouthed Police Chief Suspended, Has 'No Regrets'

Mark Kessler off the job for 30 days without pay

(Newser) - The Pennsylvania police chief turned YouTube star—whose videos featured Herculean levels of shooting and swearing —will get some time away from his beloved weaponry on a 30-day suspension without pay, PennLive reports. The Gilberton Borough Council ruled last night that Mark Kessler used the town-owned guns without permission,... More »

Zimmerman Sent $12K to Buy New Gun

Buckeye Firearms cuts him a check

(Newser) - An Ohio gun group has written George Zimmerman a check so he can buy a new gun . The amount: $12,150.37, the AP reports, via the Repository . The Buckeye Firearms Foundation thinks Zimmerman's rights have been violated, says rep Ken Hanson; the gun that killed Trayvon Martin is... More »

Gun Rights Group Backs Toomey- Manchin Bill

Says legislation offers 'advances for our cause'

(Newser) - The NRA has slammed Sens. Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin's new background-check proposal , but another gun-rights organization is supporting it. Calling itself the country's second-biggest gun-rights advocacy group, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms says the proposal includes "advances for our cause,... More »

NRA's LaPierre Blasts Obama: 2nd Amendment Is Absolute

Says president wants to either tax guns or take them away

(Newser) - One person who was not a fan of President Obama's inaugural address: Wayne LaPierre , executive director of the NRA. Yesterday at a Nevada hunting conference, LaPierre attacked the president's speech, specifically the part where Obama urged Americans not to "mistake absolutism for principle." That was an... More »

CEO Loses Gun Permit Over Plan to 'Start Killing People'

James Yeager raged online over possible gun-control laws

(Newser) - A Tennessee firearms trainer posted a video last week saying he would "start killing people" if gun-control laws are passed—and state officials kinda noticed, Digital Journal reports. In fact, Tennessee's Homeland Security office revoked the handgun carry permit of James Yeager, CEO of Tactical Response, due to... More »

Bank President Greets Robber —With Colt .380

Peoples Bank in Missouri supports concealed gun rights

(Newser) - A bank robber in a Chucky mask got more than he bargained for when he stole $4,779 from the family-owned Peoples Bank & Trust in Missouri this week—the business end of a Colt .380 handgun. The robbery was witnessed by bank president David W. Thompson, who followed the... More »

Ex-Cons Get Gun Rights Back Easily

'It's kind of spooky, isn't it?' says felon

(Newser) - A felony conviction shouldn't stop an American from owning a gun—right? So say several US states, including Kansas, Ohio, and Minnesota, which often restore firearm rights automatically to ex-cons, the New York Times reports. Several other states restore gun rights after a pardon or a brief petition. If... More »

Right to Bear Arms Secure, Gun Lobby Goes to Extremes

It's pushing for unnecessarily dangerous measures: Adam Cohen

(Newser) - Bravo to the federal court that blocked a Florida law restricting a doctor’s right to ask patients whether they own guns, writes Adam Cohen in Time . The court’s move wasn't just a free-speech victory: It was a "rare setback" for gun-rights advocates who, these days, "... More »

America's Gun 'Craziness' Is Reaching Absurd Limits

Gail Collins: Utah is about to honor an official state firearm

(Newser) - Gail Collins thinks there's "a new streak of craziness abroad in the land" regarding guns, and she contrasts two proposed pieces of legislation as proof. The first, introduced by Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg, would put into place "modest" checks such as "making it more difficult to sell... More »

Gun Rights Gain Under Obama

Fear of backlash keeps Dems timid on 2nd amendment

(Newser) - Gun-rights advocates who feared that the Obama presidency would mean the end of the Second Amendment have instead found the political climate surprisingly friendly, the Washington Independent reports. The Supreme Court and state legislatures alike have awarded victories to pro-gun forces, and federal lawmakers are wary of rocking the boat.... More »

Californians Packing Guns at Starbucks

'Open Carry' backers grab coffee, tea and a .43.

(Newser) - A growing number of gun rights supporters in Northern California are making a frightening point by packing guns in places like Starbucks. The members of the Bay Area Open Carry Movement sport guns in holsters reminiscent of the Old West. Luckily, they're not loaded, so the guns are in full... More »

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