Brighton Beach

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Beach Dare Goes Wrong: 2 Men Feared Drowned

Body of one young Brit swept out to sea has been recovered

(Newser) - A group of five friends went down to the sea's edge at Brighton Beach in Sussex, England, at 1am Saturday, and only three emerged. After a dare to stand at the waterfront, 23-year-old Dan Nicholls was knocked off his feet by a large wave in severe weather and swept... More »

Brighton Beach: Next Jersey Shore?

Creators pitching Russian version of hit reality show

(Newser) - The Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes might soon have some competition in the form of Brighton Beach, a Russian version of the MTV reality show hit set in, you guessed it, the Brighton Beach community of New York. If its website is any indication, the show will involve lots of... More »

2 Stories