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Leno Says Goodbye—Again

'I don't like goodbyes, NBC does'

(Newser) - A tearful Jay Leno said a second and presumably final farewell to the Tonight Show last night after 22 years, calling himself "the luckiest guy in the world." In an unusually sentimental moment for the host, he shared that he lost his mother the first year he hosted... More »

Tonight, Jay Leno Bids Adieu to Tonight

Sandra Bullock cries; plus, what's next for Leno

(Newser) - Jay Leno will host his last episode of the Tonight Show tonight. A roundup of the news swirling around his departure:
  • Sandra Bullock appeared on last night's show, and offered a tearful tribute to Leno, according to the Hollywood Reporter . "You've always been so kind. That's
... More »

Jay Leno's Last Show: February 6

Jimmy Fallon takes over after the Olympics

(Newser) - Jay Leno's last night hosting his Tonight Show will be February 6, reports Deadline.com . And this time , it's expected to stick. The decision means that Leno will host right up until the Winter Olympics begin on NBC, and Jimmy Fallon will take over after they end on... More »

Spitzer: Wall St. 'Desperately' Wants Me to Lose

Would-be comptroller goes on Leno to made his case

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer followed in Hugh Grant's infamous hookin'-boot steps to Jay Leno's couch last night, continuing his string of mea culpas as he looks to re-enter the public arena via a run for New York City comptroller . Leno was to the point, notes the AP , asking the... More »

Critics 'Despise' Leno—But Audiences Adore Him

NBC is making a mistake: Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - To hear the media tell it, it's about time NBC kicked Jay Leno to the curb . TV critics hate Leno—you can see it in the way they're covering this newest debacle—but most of the country loves him, Howard Kurtz points out on CNN . Leno has the... More »

Is NBC Talking Exit Plan for Leno?

Sources say network is worried about losing young audience, eying Jimmy Fallon

(Newser) - The end could be nigh again for Jay Leno: The Hollywood Reporter , citing "two high-level industry sources," says that NBC is looking to make the 2013-2014 season of the Tonight Show the comedian's last. Leno's heir apparent this time around? Jimmy Fallon, as the network reportedly... More »

Jay Leno Takes Big Pay Cut

He did it to save jobs; about 20 got laid off: Deadline Hollywood

(Newser) - Jay Leno has long said he lives off his standup money and takes the millions he gets paid for hosting the Tonight Show and sticks it right in the bank. So the news that Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood broke last night might not sting quite as much for him:... More »

Mitt Quips: Santorum Can Be My Press Secretary

Seriously, hints that Rick could be his VP

(Newser) - Mitt Romney was mostly business on his Tonight Show appearance last night, but he managed to get in a joke at Rick Santorum's expense. "Press secretary," Romney joked when Jay Leno asked what words he most associated with Santorum, a dig at his rival's recent run-in... More »

Worst Ratings Summer Ever for Jay Leno

'Tonight' host still beating Letterman, though

(Newser) - Jay Leno is not having a good summer. In fact, he's having his worst summer ever, at least as far as Tonight Show ratings are concerned. This summer is actually the lowest-rated ever for the show—and even Conan O'Brien pulled in better numbers for the coveted 18-49 demographic last... More »

Rockabilly Coco Cuts a Record

'Most fun ever,' says singing talk-show host

(Newser) - Conan O'Brien turned up at Jack White's Third Man Records production company in Nashville yesterday to lay down a sizzling set before a live audience amid plans to release the show on vinyl later this year. White dubbed Conan a "rockabilly legend in the making" before he tore through... More »

Betty White: Jay-Z Patted Me...

Golden Girl dishes on 'SNL' gig on 'Tonight Show'

(Newser) - Fresh off her Saturday Night Live gig, America's favorite Golden Girl dropped by Jay Leno's set last night where she again killed. Greeted with a standing ovation, Gawker reports, Betty White dished on how "desperate" Jay-Z patted her ass, and on partying down with the cast til 3am. She... More »

Conan's 60 Minutes Interview a Sad Mistake

O'Brien came off more whiny than sympathetic

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien insisted last night on 60 Minutes that he is fine—“doing great,” in fact. But everything else he said in the “awkward mishap” of an interview made him look more like a sad sack, writes Andrew Wallenstein. Not only did he discuss “his... More »

Palin: I Joined Fox for Fairness, Balance

She also rips White House on Leno appearance

(Newser) - So now we know why Sarah Palin joined Fox: to boost "fairness and balance" in the media. That's what she told Jay Leno in his second night back at the helm of the Tonight Show. "The mainstream media is quite broken and I think there needs to be... More »

Leno Offers Same-Old in Tepid Return

Critics left cold by victorious host's Tonight Show return

(Newser) - Jay Leno made his triumphant return to the helm of the Tonight Show last night. Critics say it was like he never left, although they're split on whether that's a good thing:
  • The back-to-the future Tonight Show had "neither pop, nor sizzle, nor surprise, and no amount of cheerleading
... More »

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