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$232K Oscars Swag Bag Has 'Vampire' Breast Lift

Hollywood elite to also get expensive trips, $300 personalized candy, sex toy

(Newser) - If you thought last year's $125,000 Oscars' swag bag was ridiculous, look away. The 2016 "Everyone Wins" goodie bag, presented to top Academy Award nominees by Distinctive Assets, comes in at over $232,000 this year, Page Six reports, and there's something for everyone—especially if... More »

New Bio: Cronkite Was on the Take

He accepted scads of free Pan Am trips, says Brinkley book

(Newser) - It seems our apparently squeaky-clean fatherly news king Walter Cronkite was not above accepting major freebies from none other than Pan Am. That's the dirt from a new biography on Cronkite, that claims he cut a deal in the 1970s with the airline to fly him, his family and... More »

Palin, Crew Descend on Oscar Swag 'Like Locusts'

She scarfs up jewelry, clothes, 40 headphones at benefit

(Newser) - It was freebie deja vu all over again for Sarah Palin when she and her entourage descended on Oscar swag at a benefit this week like ravening "locusts," snatching every gift they could get their hands on, according to a witness. "She showed up with like 20... More »

3 Stories