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Michigan Residents Furious About Nestle Water Plan

Company will pay $200 for 210M gallons

(Newser) - Nestle is facing a backlash in Michigan over its plans to massively expand the amount of groundwater it pumps from the state—and pay less than $1 per million gallons. The company wants to more than double what it pumps from its plant in Evart to 210 million gallons a... More »

Group to Calif. Water Bottling Plant: See You in Court

Nonprofit wants an environmental impact report from Crystal Geyser

(Newser) - Complaints about a planned bottled water plant in Mount Shasta, Calif., have been cemented in a lawsuit. Nonprofit group We Advocate Thorough Environmental Review (WATER) claims Crystal Geyser doesn't have the proper permits and is violating land-use provisions in getting the plant up and running in a drought, reports... More »

Whole Foods Hawks $6 'Asparagus Water,' Quickly Backs Off

'The nutrients from the asparagus do transfer,' an employee explained

(Newser) - If you're wondering whether a $5.99 bottle of asparagus water has actually become a thing, it has—but neither Whole Foods nor consumers are letting it be more than a fleeting fad, reports Consumerist . It started Monday when a Los Angeles magazine editor posted a photo of the... More »

Nestlé Boss: Close Plant? I'd Use More Calif. Water

Tim Brown: 'We feel good about what we're doing'

(Newser) - Starbucks may have succumbed to pressure and moved its bottled water operation out of parched California, but Nestlé will "absolutely not" follow suit. In fact, despite demonstrations and a slew of online petitions (like this , this , and this ) aimed at getting Nestlé to stop what it's doing,... More »

Now Walmart Under Fire for Bottling Calif.'s Precious Water

Great Value's water comes from Sacramento municipal supply

(Newser) - First Starbucks , now Walmart is awash in complaints about its bottled water operation in Sacramento, which has been hard-hit by conservation measures amid California's drought. CBS13 reports the company's Great Value brand water comes from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply and is sold to bottler DS Services... More »

Starbucks Bottled Water Exits Parched California

Ethos operation moves temporarily to Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Starbucks will shift its bottled water operation out of California as the state's lengthy drought intensifies . The coffee chain says it will move production of its Ethos water to Pennsylvania for six months while it searches for an alternative West Coast source, NBC News reports. "We are committed... More »

$5 Bottled Water Spurs Airport Lawsuit

High-end boutique accuses retail group of gouging at LAX

(Newser) - Consumers fed up with the eye-watering price of bottled water in airports have an unlikely champion: Kitson Stores, an LA-based boutique retailer where T-shirts can cost $300. Kitson is in a contract dispute with Hudson Group—which operates dozens of stores at Los Angeles International Airport and hundreds more at... More »

Your Bottled Water Might Come From Parched California

Loose regulations, high demand keep bottlers in business

(Newser) - The $22 billion bottled water business is rife with odd logic: It takes 1.39 liters of water to make one liter of bottled water, for example, and much of the nation's supply is being drawn from a state parched by drought, the Atlantic reports. Why, then, do we... More »

It Takes More Than a Liter to Make a Liter of Water

1.39 liters, to be exact

(Newser) - If you think it takes a liter of water to fill a liter water bottle, the International Bottled Water Association has news for you: It takes more than that. NPR reports on the group's first look at the topic, which found that 1.39 liters (or 47 ounces) are... More »

Next From Coke: Fruit-less 'Fruitwater'

It's made with Splenda, not fruit juice

(Newser) - The brouhaha over our soda problems belies a shifting beverage landscape: Water has grabbed the No. 1 beverage slot from soda, with Americans drinking 58 gallons a year of the former and 44 of the latter, per Beverage Digest via the AP . No wonder, then, that Coca-Cola is hitching its... More »

What Kind of Bottled Water Is Healthier, Again?

A New Jersey mom gets the skinny on water products

(Newser) - Back when Hurricane Irene struck the East Coast, one new mom faced a decision: what kind of bottled water to buy after the nearby water purification plant was flooded? Wanting to keep her newborn healthy, Chanie Kirschner reviewed the EPA's website to get the lowdown on water, she writes... More »

EU to Water Bottlers: H20 Won't Stop Dehydration

Companies face 2 years in prison for making claim

(Newser) - "Water prevents dehydration"? The EU is warning water companies not to make such outrageous claims. After a 3-year investigation into the effects of water, EU officials announced this week that bottled-water producers are forbidden from making the statement—and risk 2 years in prison if they do. A... More »

Bottled Water: Bad News for Your Teeth?

The lack of fluoride can contribute to tooth decay, dentists warn

(Newser) - As if bottled water didn’t have a bad enough rap already , it turns out it can also contribute to tooth decay. Many dentists and pediatricians are concerned that children who only drink bottled water may experience more cavities, thanks to the fact that most bottled water does not contain... More »

Bottled Water Sales Head Down the Drain

Environmentalists claim credit; industry blames economy

(Newser) - Bottled water sales are sinking, and environmentalists point triumphantly to their hard-fought campaign against the wasteful industry. Consumption is expected to drop 2% this year, following a 3.2% drop last year, MSNBC reports. But industry executives say it’s just a natural result of the economic downturn, noting that... More »

Cash-Strapped Drinkers Spurn Bottled Water

(Newser) - A combination of penny-pinching and environmental concern has pushed bottled water sales off for the first time in at least 5 years, the Washington Post reports. In 2008, consumption of bottled water fell for the first time this decade. “It's an obvious way to cut back,” a researcher... More »

Aussie Town Bans Bottled Water

(Newser) - A small New South Wales village has become the first community in the world to ban the sale of bottled water, the BBC reports. Bundanoon officials, who say bottled water wastes huge amounts of resources in packaging and transportation, were moved to act when they realized a bottled water company... More »

Texting, Research Laws to Hit Calif. in New Year

Student journalists, bottled water also targeted by lawmakers

(Newser) - A texting-while-driving ban isn’t the only new law Californians will wake up to on Jan. 1. The San Francisco Chronicle lists some other new regulations:
  • Drivers can now mount a GPS system in the lower corners of their windshields.
  • It will become a crime to publish the names or
... More »

Stricken Houston Lines Up for Food, Water

Residents scramble for survival basics in Ike's aftermath

(Newser) - Thousands of weary Houston residents joined lines that stretched for blocks yesterday to collect the basics they need to survive in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Emergency supplies are being strictly rationed and each family is allowed only two bags of ice, a case of bottled water and a 12-pack... More »

Cindy's Tips for Green Living

Ex-supermodel offers hints for an ecological family

(Newser) - “We all want to live a little greener,” ex-supermodel and mom Cindy Crawford writes in The Daily Green. The key for moms is making small changes that mesh with hectic household living:
  1. Filter your tap water and use a reusable bottle. Thirty-eight billion bottles end up in landfills
... More »

Em-Bottled SF Mayor Urges Restaurants to Tap City's Water

Newsom continues anti-plastic campaign

(Newser) - San Francisco’s mayor called on restaurants yesterday to quit selling bottled water and favor the tap, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Gavin Newsom, a former restaurateur, says the plastic containers pile up in landfills and hurt the environment. The request—which isn’t a requirement—follows Newsom’s ban... More »

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