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DEA Cracks Down on 'Fake Weed'

Feds declare chemicals used to make K2 illegal

(Newser) - The DEA is moving to make "fake weed," commonly known as K2 or spice, much harder for people to get their hands on. The agency has made it illegal to possess or sell five chemicals used to make the drug, reports Live Science . The emergency designation will remain... More »

'Fake' Marijuana K2 Gets Kids Perilously High

Mix of herbs sprayed with psychotropic compound is legal, for now

(Newser) - The “fake weed” sweeping the US isn’t marijuana, but it packs a stronger punch—and it’s legal. “K2” or “spice” is a mix of herbs and a chemical compound that’s sold as incense at—coincidentally, we’re sure—the same price as real pot.... More »

2 Stories