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Race for Better Light Bulb Heats Up

Philips bids for US government's $10M 'L Prize'

(Newser) - Dutch electronics giant Philips has created an LED light bulb that, if it lives up to its billing, could claim the US government’s coveted “L Prize.” More important, the new bulb could inherit the 60-watt bulb’s throne. The Energy Department is offering $10 million—and a... More »

Top American Inventions

(Newser) - President Obama has called on Americans to innovate their way to a speedy economic recovery. In that spirit, Live Science rounds up the top 10 US innovations:
  1. Flight. The Wright Brothers’ 12-second flight in 1903 ushered the world into the age of aviation.
  2. Atomic bomb. The Manhattan project left a
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Maine Law Targets CFL Mercury

Bill will make manufacturers lower mercury content, pay for safe recycling

(Newser) - Maine has become the first state in the nation to tackle the problem of mercury in low-energy light bulbs, the Boston Globe reports. A new state law requires manufacturers to reduce the amount of the toxic metal in the bulbs and pay for the cost of safe recycling, a measure... More »

The Battle Of the Bulbs

Men and women are light-years apart on the merits of compact fluorescents

(Newser) - She's from Venus, he's from Mars when it comes to. . . compact fluorescent light bulbs. Right-thinking men everywhere are boldly buying and screwing the environmentally friendly bulbs into sockets all over the house, the Washington Post reports, while women are, in turn, unscrewing them and going back to incandescent. More »

4 Stories