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The ER Doctors Train on Live Pigs, Then Kill Them

The University of Missouri has seen protests over its use of the animals

(Newser) - The University of Missouri says it will continue to use live pigs to train emergency room doctors, despite protests. Last week, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine organized a rally outside University Hospital to advocate ending the use of swine in physician training. The demonstration came after the university's... More »

Frat Initiation Allegedly Includes Drugging, Raping Women

Mizzou frat reportedly gave drugs to pledges to use on women

(Newser) - A University of Missouri fraternity with a track record of problem behavior has been accused of telling new members to drug women and sexually assault them as part of their initiation, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. According to the Columbia Daily Tribune , multiple people informed the school in August that... More »

Fired Professor Explains Her Behavior at Protests

Melissa Click blames 'inexperience with public protests'

(Newser) - "I do not understand the widespread impulse to shame those whose best intentions unfortunately result in imperfect actions. What would our world be like if no one ever took a chance?" So writes Melissa Click in the Washington Post . Click, an assistant professor, was fired by the University of... More »

University of Missouri Fires Instructor After Student Run-Ins

She famously called for "some muscle" to remove a journalist last year

(Newser) - The University of Missouri fired an assistant professor on Thursday who had been suspended after run-ins with student journalists during protests last year, including a videotaped confrontation where she called for "some muscle" to remove a videographer from the Columbia campus, the AP reports. Melissa Click's actions were... More »

Mizzou Prof Who Called for 'Muscle' Charged With Assault

Melissa Click still has a job at the university

(Newser) - The Mizzou journalism professor who stepped down after video surfaced of her calling for some "muscle" to force a journalist away from student protesters has been charged. Melissa Click, who was seen pushing away a journalist's camera on the video, was charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault Monday, NBC... More »

Trump, Carson Call Out Mizzou Protesters

Top GOP candidates say student protesters are 'disgusting' and 'infantile'

(Newser) - The two leading GOP presidential candidates don't think much of the students continuing to protest the University of Missouri's handling of racial incidents. NBC News reports Donald Trump called the protesters "disgusting" and "disgraceful" during an interview Thursday. He accused them of being unreasonable, saying, "... More »

Mizzou Prof Quits After 'Bullies' Email

University won't accept his resignation

(Newser) - Wednesday was another eventful day at the University of Missouri, where the newest controversy involves a professor who told his students to ignore threats of violence and come in for an exam. "If you give in to bullies, they win," wrote associate professor of nutrition and exercise physiology... More »

Mizzou Student Arrested After Online Threats Were Made

'[I'll] shoot every black person I see.'

(Newser) - Racial tensions remain high at the University of Missouri in a week rife with strife , and campus police brought in Hunter M. Park, 19, early Wednesday on suspicion of making a terror threat on Yik Yak and other social media the night before, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports. An MUPD... More »

Mizzou Prof Apologizes, Quits Journalism Post

Cops investigating campus threats

(Newser) - The University of Missouri professor who called for "some muscle" to get a journalist away from student protesters says she's sorry—and she has resigned from her courtesy appointment at the Missouri School of Journalism. In a statement , Melissa Click apologized to the campus community "and journalists... More »

It's Sad That It Took Athletes to Make Changes at Mizzou

Only when football players got involved did changes happen: columnist

(Newser) - University of Missouri students protested for weeks over racist acts on campus. One student even went on a hunger strike. But the president of the university didn't resign until the football team got involved , and that's a big problem, writes Jessica Huseman for Slate . "At universities like... More »

Mass-Media Prof Asks for 'Muscle' to Remove Journo

Mizzou activists mob photographer, cameraman, tell them to leave 'safe space'

(Newser) - A University of Missouri photojournalist on freelance assignment for ESPN found himself in a confrontation with student activists Monday as they tried to ban him from the tent city they'd set up on campus in response to recent racial strife there, the New York Times reports. A tense video... More »

Another Bomb Drops in Mizzou Racial Drama

And the school plans initiatives for racial diversity

(Newser) - The embattled chancellor of the University of Missouri's flagship campus in Columbia says he's stepping down at the end of the year to take a different position. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin's announcement Monday came hours after the university system's president, Tim Wolfe, said he was resigning... More »

Missouri Student Ends Hunger Strike, Calls Situation 'Vile'

Jonathan Butler had protested against campus prejudice

(Newser) - Jonathan Butler can finally savor a good meal—and the taste of victory. The 25-year-old University of Missouri graduate student, who began a hunger strike on Nov. 2, posted a tweet Monday in the wake of school President Tim Wolfe's resignation : "The #MizzouHungerStrike is officially over!" Butler... More »

Missouri President Resigns Amid Protests

Critics say Tim Wolfe mishandled racial incidents

(Newser) - Jonathan Butler can eat again. Butler is the University of Missouri student who went on a hunger strike to demand the resignation of president Tim Wolfe over a series of racial incidents at the university system's flagship campus in Columbia. Wolfe obliged Monday morning as protests continued to swell,... More »

As Pressure to Quit Builds, Mizzou Prez Says 'Change Needed'

School's board schedules special meeting as staff plan walkout

(Newser) - Republican state lawmakers have joined students in calling for the University of Missouri's president to step down over the school's handling of racial issues. Rep. Steve Cookson, who chairs the state's House Higher Education Committee, says Tim Wolfe's "callous reaction to racial sensitivity issues" shows... More »

Mizzou Black Students: 'We Are No Longer Taking It'

Football players refuse to play until school president Tim Wolfe is removed

(Newser) - Student protests at the University of Missouri over how racially charged incidents have been handled by school leaders have ramped up over the semester and reached a peak with 32 black football players now refusing to participate in team activities until the president is removed. It's the latest controversy... More »

Student Goes on Hunger Strike to Fix 'Infected' Campus

U of Missouri student wants president gone over racist, sexist, homophobic incidents

(Newser) - Jonathan Butler isn't planning on eating "until either Tim Wolfe is removed from office or my internal organs fail and my life is lost." Those were the words the graduate student wrote in a letter sent Monday to University of Missouri officials, declaring he's on a... More »

College Under Fire in Swimmer's Alleged Rape, Suicide

University of Missouri initially did not investigate or report alleged crime: ESPN

(Newser) - Sasha Menu Courey, a swimmer at the University of Missouri, committed suicide in 2011—16 months after she was allegedly raped by a football player. A 16-month investigation by ESPN finds that the university knew about the incident but neither investigated it nor informed law enforcement of it—despite the... More »

‘Distorted’ Breitbart Videos Cost Professor His Job

Out-of-context clips suggest teachers support union violence

(Newser) - Last year, his clip prompted Shirley Sherrod’s firing ; now, Andrew Breitbart’s video editing has driven a University of Missouri professor from his job. Adjunct professor Don Giljum taught a class on the history of labor that a Breitbart blogger called a “how-to college course on violent union... More »

Students Busted for Cotton Balls Outside Black Center

(Newser) - Felonious distribution of cotton balls has led to the arrest of two University of Missouri students. The two perps, Sean D Fitzgerald, 19, and Zachary E. Tucker, 21, were arrested around 7:30 pm Tuesday after the cotton balls in question were scattered outside the campus's Black Culture Center in... More »

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