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Japan Passes Law to Let Emperor Quit

Akihito will be first to abdicate in 200 years

(Newser) - Japan's Emperor Akihito is 83 years old and in declining health—and he is finally being allowed to step down. Japan's parliament passed a law Friday that will allow Akihito, who became emperor when father Hirohito died in 1989, to abdicate, reports Reuters . Akihito has had heart surgery... More »

Princess Leaves School Over Bullying

8-year-old Japanese royal afraid; palace wants problem fixed

(Newser) - Japan’s Princess Aiko has been out of school since Tuesday, after complaining that older boys have been bullying her. The 8-year-old became frightened and returned home in a state of anxiety, complaining of a stomachache. The palace asked the school to look into it. The school discovered that she... More »

2 Stories