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Baby 'Cured' of HIV Probably Never Really Had It

Today's drugs good at stopping transmission, but not eliminating infection

(Newser) - Don't get too excited by last week's news of a baby in Mississippi being "cured" of HIV , warns Mark Siedner in the Wall Street Journal —just because the baby had been exposed to HIV does not mean she was really infected with the virus. Most likely,... More »

Panel: HIV Tests for Everyone

Experts want to make the test routine for those ages 15 to 64

(Newser) - A US panel of experts wants HIV tests to be a routine part of medical checkups for everyone aged 15 to 64, the Los Angeles Times reports. The US Preventive Services Task Force last came up with a set of guidelines in 2005, suggesting routine screening only for those at... More »

AIDS Drugs Slash Risk of Getting HIV in First Place

Pair of studies show minimum 60% drop in infection rate

(Newser) - The same antiretroviral drugs that treat HIV and AIDS can also be used to cut down the risk of contracting HIV in the first place, two new studies show. The dramatic results are just the latest evidence that AIDS drugs can be effective at prevention as well as treatment. While... More »

Scientists Find HIV's Achilles Heel

Vaccines should target one area, not the entire virus, new research suggests

(Newser) - Scientists have made an important breakthrough in HIV research, and we have the stock market to thank. Researchers used random matrix theory, which is also used to analyze stock behavior, to identify a major target for HIV and AIDS drugs—what the Wall Street Journal calls its “Achilles heel.... More »

HIV Hides in Bone Marrow: Researchers

Finding may pave way for new AIDS treatments

(Newser) - The virus that causes AIDS can hide in the bone marrow, avoiding drugs and later awakening to cause illness, according to new research that could point the way toward better treatments for the disease. Finding that hideout is a first step, but years of research lie ahead. Dr. Kathleen Collins... More »

5 Stories