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Elinor Burkett Explains Her Oscars 'Kanye'

'Maybe I'm just, like, a middle-aged crazy person...'

(Newser) - Elinor Burkett, aka the Oscars’ “Lady Kanye,” told Joy Behar her side of the story last night. Burkett was irked knowing Roger Ross Williams would talk more about himself than the subject of their documentary, she says. “Either I could let him blather on, or I could... More »

'Kanyed' Winner's Do-Over Speech Kanyed Again

Things get weird between Roger Ross Williams and Larry King

(Newser) - Roger Ross Williams, whose interrupted Oscar acceptance speech for best short documentary quickly went viral, got a chance to finish it last night on Larry King Live —only to be cut off once again, by King himself. Williams—who went so far as to re-create his opening “Oh... More »

Inside Oscars' 'Kanye' Moment

Elinor Burkett elbows her way in, interrupts Roger Ross Williams

(Newser) - Arguably the biggest watercooler moment at last night’s Oscars: Elinor Burkett “pulling a Kanye” on Roger Ross Williams as he accepted their best documentary short for Music by Prudence. Kerry Lauerman got both sides of the story for Salon : Burkett and Williams have been fighting over the direction... More »

3 Stories