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Here's How Much We're Paying for Congress' Cars

63 House members spend $461,330 a year on auto leases

(Newser) - When the House voted against raising its own pay last week, it also quietly voted to keep a cherished perk: taxpayer-funded car leases. Rep. Rich Nugent had offered an amendment to disallow the practice, but it lost by 20 votes, the Washington Post reports. "Today, members of Congress can... More »

Rand Paul: Put John Roberts on His Precious ObamaCare

Senate firebrand proposes constitutional amendment

(Newser) - Looks like Rand Paul hasn't forgiven John Roberts for declaring ObamaCare constitutional. The Kentucky senator says he's pushing a constitutional amendment stating that no federal employees would get special exemptions from laws—which, he tells the Daily Caller , would kick government employees off their taxpayer-subsidized health plans, and... More »

Congress Votes Down Pay Hike for Itself

Obama's executive order draws fire

(Newser) - It seems lawmakers on both sides of the aisle can agree on one thing: They don't deserve a raise. The Senate's fiscal cliff bill contains a single sentence provision that will stop Congress from getting a scheduled cost-of-living salary bump, Roll Call reports. President Obama had issued an... More »

Arizona Dem: Congress, We Need a Paycut

Ann Kirkpatrick wants to take $8,700 hit—first since Depression

(Newser) - Many lawmakers are calling on Congress to once again forego its annual raise, but Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is taking things a step further, proposing an $8,700 pay cut. That would amount to 5% of a House member’s base salary of $174,000, and $4.7 million in... More »

4 Stories