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Vegan Baby Hospitalized, Taken From Parents

At 14 months, he weighed as much as a typical 3-month-old

(Newser) - Veganism is on the rise in Italy, and while it's been shown to be the best diet for weight loss , a few babies who are also on a strict no-animal-products diet appear to be paying a price. A 14-month-old was rushed to a Milan hospital this month by his... More »

Officials Agree to Move City 2 Miles East

Kiruna, Sweden, is built on shaky iron mines

(Newser) - What do you do when a city is sinking? Why, you move it, of course. That's what the Swedish city of Kiruna has decided because iron mining below it has weakened the foundations of houses and buildings, Tech Insider reports. Now LKAB, the state-owned company behind the mining, is... More »

'Paradox' of MIA Atmospheric Gas Solved

Xenon likely packed in the Earth's core: researchers

(Newser) - Levels of the gas xenon in the Earth's atmosphere are way lower—to the tune of 90%—than scientists believe they should be, prompting a mystery one calls "the missing xenon paradox." While some believe the gas escaped into space, many have argued it's in the... More »

Earth's Core as Hot as Sun's Surface

New study puts it at nearly 11K degrees Fahrenheit

(Newser) - For two decades, scientists have thought the Earth's solid core was a balmy 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit or so, based on the temperature at which iron crystallizes when under high pressure. But new research using X-rays to examine iron under huge amounts of pressure indicate the real temperature of... More »

To Fight Climate Change, Dump Iron in Water?

Old theory gains traction following experiments

(Newser) - Algae growing around Antarctica is short on iron. For decades, scientists have theorized that iron dumped in the oceans there could help fertilize the algae—and that algae could in turn absorb carbon dioxide, thus battling global warming. While tests have shown that iron can, in fact, fuel algae blooms,... More »

Bizarre Trend: Extreme Ironing

TV camera catches man pressing shirt on empty highway

(Newser) - It’s thrilling, it’s dangerous—and it’s efficient. To get their kicks and get things done, some are turning to extreme ironing, a bizarre new "sport" in which thrillseekers smooth out their wrinkled clothes in exotic locations. The sport made UK headlines after a TV camera caught... More »

Newfound Bacterium Eating Away at the Titanic

The wreck may only have 15 years left, says study coauthor

(Newser) - The Titanic's latest foe is a wee bit smaller than an iceberg: A newly discovered bacterium is eating away at the wreck as it slumbers on the ocean floor, reports Discover . The iron-eating species, named Halomonas titanicae, has 50,000 tons of iron to get through, but it may not... More »

Chavez Takes Control of Iron, Steel Firms

Metal companies nationalized 'to build platform for socialism'

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez has ordered the nationalization of several large iron and steel companies in Venezuela, AFP reports. The president said the takeovers marked the start of a "process of nationalization to create an industrial complex." The move, which follows the nationalization of 39 oil service providers, would help... More »

Senate Dilutes 'Buy American' Plan

Amendment calls for stimulus plan to honor existing trade agreements

(Newser) - The Senate has voted to water down the "Buy American" clause in the economic stimulus package amid fears it could trigger a trade war, Reuters reports. The requirement that stimulus-funded projects use American-made iron, steel and manufactured goods now includes the proviso that it only be applied in a... More »

Geo-Engineers Not Quite Ready to Save Earth

Far-flung ideas hold promise, but the science still lags

(Newser) - Their proposals to combat global warming may sound like science fiction, but geo-engineers insist they can save the planet. Two new reports show that while that may be the case, the science has a long way to go, the Economist reports. The burgeoning field posits that humans can cool the... More »

Big Biz Slams 'Buy American' Stimulus Clause

Exporters warn of foreign backlash if package erects free-trade barriers

(Newser) - American exporters are fighting to ditch "Buy American" provisions from the economic stimulus package, the Washington Post reports. The House version bars most foreign iron and steel from stimulus projects, while a Senate version calls for only American-made equipment and goods to be used in nearly all projects to... More »

Manhole Cover Thieves Hit Streets of Philadelphia

Scrap metal prices result in 25-fold spike

(Newser) - These days you have to watch your step in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is suffering from an epidemic of manhole-cover theft, as rising scrap metal prices have led to a 2,500% increase in stolen covers and grates. Thieves are selling the covers for $5 to $10 at... More »

24 Dead in China Mine Blast

Owners disguised site as boar farm to dupe officials

(Newser) - Twenty-four people died and five were wounded in a blast at an illegal iron mine in China yesterday, Xinhua reports. Mine owners, who fled the scene, had masked the site as a boar farm to dupe authorities. "The owner has violated the law by illegally exploring the state-owned resources,... More »

Global Warming Battle Goes Out to Sea

Investors back plankton in bid to send CO2 to a watery grave

(Newser) - Plankton may hold the key to solving global warming—or so say Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who are investing heavily in the idea. Scientists will dump several tons of plankton-producing iron into the ocean to see if the microscopic organisms will, as they expect, suck CO2 from the atmosphere and carry... More »

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