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Closeted Gay Politicians a 'Sad Cliche'

Hypocrites like Roy Ashburn aren't truly serving the people

(Newser) - When California State Senator Roy Ashburn came out of the closet following a DUI arrest this week, he made a curious argument about his virulently anti-gay voting record: He justified it by saying that it “reflects the wishes of the people in my district.” Meghan McCain finds it... More »

Calif. Senate Gay Rights Foe Comes Out of Closet

Roy Ashburn admits he's gay after DUI arrest, media frenzy

(Newser) - Republican Roy Ashburn has capped a career battling gay rights in the California State Senate by coming out of the closet. "I am gay. Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long," Ashburn told a conservative radio host, addressing rumors that he... More »

2 Stories