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Next Role for Sidibe: Diet-Pill Peddler?

In return for one-year supply of product...provided it works

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe’s weight has become a matter of national interest. The latest: A weight loss company reached out to the Precious star, saying it wants to help her fight the “terrible affliction” of obesity. will give Sidibe a one-year supply of its weight loss formula as... More »

Stern Was Right: Sidibe Has No Future in Film

The sad truth is, Hollywood won't write for her

(Newser) - Howard Stern may have been “distasteful” when he said earlier this week that Gabourey Sidibe’s career is finished , but he was also one other thing: absolutely right. Sidibe is talented, but “nobody's tripping over themselves to write movies for overweight African-American girls,” writes Kevin Broccoli on... More »

Stern Defends Slam: Gabby Going to Be Dead Soon

She's in 'deep crisis' and 'needs help,' he says

(Newser) - Howard Stern didn’t do anything wrong when he called Gabourey Sidibe “ planet-sized ” the other day: In fact, he did something noble. The radio host defended his comments on yesterday’s show, explaining that “obesity in this country is out of control” and he’s simply concerned... More »

'Planet-Size' Gabby Sidibe Will Never Work Again: Howard Stern

Shock jock wonders 'what does she eat?'

(Newser) - Howard Stern went on for four and a half minutes on yesterday’s show about “enormous fat black chick” Gabourey Sidibe. “Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie,” he says. The Precious star got... More »

To Keep Working, Gabby Sidibe Must Lose Weight

'Precious' star is popular, but that doesn't mean she'll get parts

(Newser) - Gabourey Sidibe may have been nominated for a best actress Oscar right alongside Hollywood legend Meryl Streep, but industry sources say she’ll need to drop her extra pounds if she wants her star to keep rising. “I'm not saying it's correct, but it's a simple fact that she... More »

5 Stories