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Burma Mosque Blaze Kills 13 Children

Residents fear Rangoon blaze linked to sectarian violence

(Newser) - Burma's biggest city is on edge after a fire engulfed a mosque compound, killing at least 13 schoolchildren. Authorities blamed the fire on electrical problems but angry Muslim residents of the Rangoon neighborhood believe the fire is related to the sectarian violence that has killed at least 40 people... More »

Iraqi VP: I'm No Terrorist

Tariq al-Hashemi says Maliki forced his guards to confess

(Newser) - Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi vigorously denied the terrorism charges leveled against him yesterday , saying that Shiite-led security personnel had forced false confessions out of his personal guards. "I swear by God I didn’t do this disobedience against Iraqi blood, and I would never do this," he... More »

Iraq Protesters Burn US Flag During Biden Visit

Supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr mock veep's reconciliation tour

(Newser) - Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to promote reconciliation among Iraqis was met today with protests by supporters of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, Reuters reports. Demonstrators burned American flags and shouted anti-US slogans. Biden plans to meet with PM Nouri al-Maliki and President Jalal Talabani to assess plans to heal the... More »

PBS Bans New Religious Programming

Channels that already carry church services allowed to continue

(Newser) - PBS has voted to enforce its longstanding prohibition on sectarian broadcasts and ban its stations from carrying any new religious programming, the Washington Post reports. As a compromise, the few stations that already air church services and religious lectures will be allowed to continue to do so. Religious discussions that... More »

Sectarian Arrests Threaten Iraq Security

Sunnis fear al-Qaeda resurgence as Shiite authorities detain Council leaders

(Newser) - Sunnis of the Awakening Council, which helped the US fight al-Qaeda in Iraq, are in hiding to avoid arrest by the Shia-led government, USA Today reports. Such political harassment could allow al-Qaeda to regain footing in volatile Diyala province and elsewhere, US officials say. Iraqi government members insist their actions... More »

Al-Sadr Appears at Iraqi Mosque

Shiite firebrand returns from Iran, invites Sunnis to join in opposing US

(Newser) - Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr emerged from hiding today, making a surprise appearance near the Iraqi city of Najaf. Al-Sadr, who fled to Iran four months ago, gave a sermon at Kufa today, condemning the US occupation and demanding a "timetable" for withdrawal. In a shift away from sectarianism, he... More »

Cabal Pushes Shiite Agenda

Group working out of Iraqi PM's office is accused of protecting militias

(Newser) - A shadowy group within the Iraqi prime minister’s office is secretly pushing a Shiite agenda and exacerbating sectarianism, CNN reports. The 24-member Office of the Commander in Chief has power over other ministries, which Iraqis say it is using to protect  militias and blacklist commanders not willing to turn... More »

7 Stories