plastic made from plants

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Pepsi Designs 100% Plant-Based Bottle

Made of renewable materials like corn husks, pine bark

(Newser) - PepsiCo has developed the world's first plastic bottle made of nothing but renewable, plant-based materials, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The bottle is made from corn husks, switch grass, and pine bark; but in the future, Pepsi hopes to use its food byproducts like orange and potato peels. Pepsi will start... More »

IBM Creates Plastic From Plants

(Newser) - IBM has created a form of plastic that is made from plants, the company announced today. Researchers claim that the process can lead to the replacement of petroleum-based plastics that are killing our planet. "This discovery and new approach using organic catalysts could lead to well-defined, biodegradable molecules made... More »

2 Stories