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Japan's Dolphin Slaughter Town Is Opening a Marine Park...

And it will serve whale and dolphin meat

(Newser) - Taiji, the dolphin-slaughtering Japanese town documented in The Cove, has no plans to end its annual dolphin hunt ... but it is opening a super-fun-sounding amusement park, where you can swim with the dolphins and then stop by a food stand and chow down on them. "This is part of... More »

Sushi Bar Caught With Whale Meat Is Closing

The Hump calls it 'self-imposed punishment'

(Newser) - The sushi bar in California caught in a sting over whale meat has shut down. The Hump restaurant in Santa Monica announced the move on its website , calling it a "self-imposed punishment," reports the Los Angeles Times . Undercover activists, including an associate producer on the Oscar-winning The Cove,... More »

Uproar Over Whale Sushi Just Ridiculous

Outrage at foreign preferences just 'gastronomic nationalism'

(Newser) - Sure, the owners of a Los Angeles-area sushi restaurant broke the law if they indeed served whale meat, but those in a tizzy had “better wipe that morsel of moral superiority from your chin,” Japhy Grant writes . At the root, it’s a culture disconnect: Eating whale is... More »

Cove Oscar Winners Stage Sting at LA Sushi Joint

Filmmakers go undercover to find illegal whale meat

(Newser) - The makers of The Cove, the Oscar-winning documentary about dolphin killing in Japan, have aimed their cameras closer to home in a sting to expose illegal whale meat served at a California sushi joint. The operation began in October, when they heard rumors that the Hump, a Santa Monica restaurant,... More »

4 Stories