Canadian seal hunt

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Whisky Company Bashes PETA's 'Club' Cartoon

'Anything but a Canadian Club,' says clever cartoon seal

(Newser) - A whisky company isn't laughing about a clever New Yorker-style cartoon concerning seal killing created by PETA. "Anything but a Canadian Club," a sad-eyed seal sitting at a bar tells a bartender awaiting his order in the ad. Now the parent company of Canadian Club whisky has fired... More »

Canadian Parliament Dines on Seal

Lunch gesture protests EU's ban on import of seal products

(Newser) - Miffed by a ban on Canadian seal imports by the EU, which charges cruelty in the annual hunt, the country's MPs have defiantly put seal meat on tomorrow's parliamentary lunch menu. By eating seal, a Liberal MP tells the Guardian , “all political parties will have the opportunity to demonstrate... More »

2 Stories