female feticide

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After Suicide Try Kills Fetus, Woman Faces Life in Prison

Bei Bei Shuai gives her first interview to the 'Guardian'

(Newser) - Bei Bei Shuai, a Chinese immigrant living in Indiana, was distraught when her married lover and the father of her unborn child left her in December 2010. She took rat poison, leaving a suicide note telling him she was "taking this baby with me." Instead, friends took her... More »

Among India's Rich, Aborting Girls on the Rise

Illegal practice more prevalent among rich with access to ultrasound

(Newser) - India’s preference for male children has spurred the practice of aborting female fetuses, aided and abetted by the widening availability of ultrasound technology. But tests are still expensive, and surveys show that female feticide is much more prevalent in richer areas, an observation born out by skewed gender ratios.... More »

2 Stories