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E*Trade Fires Back at Coke Sniffing 'Train Wreck' LiLo

Court filings include profanity-ridden Internet comments

(Newser) - E*Trade is firing back at Lindsay Lohan, and it’s not pretty. In response to LiLo’s $100 million lawsuit against the company for defaming her in a commercial, E*Trade filed hundreds of pages to prove Lohan lives in Hollywood—not Long Island, where she filed the case. But those... More »

E*Trade Toyed With Nastier Names Than 'Milkaholic'

Lindsay Lohan should be happy the baby wasn't called 'skanky cake'

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is none too pleased—to the tune of a $100 million lawsuit —about the E*Trade commercial featuring a talking “milkaholic” baby named Lindsay, but it could have been worse. Joshua David Stein was there as the ad was created, working on a behind-the-scenes story for Esquire... More »

Lindsay Lohan Sues E*Trade: That Baby Is Mocking Me!

Actress not amused by 'milkaholic' joke in commercial

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan is apparently famous enough to be known by her first name alone…and she wants $100 million from E*Trade, which dared to use that name without her permission. The “milkaholic” baby featured in the above ad was named after “someone on the account team,” a... More »

3 Stories