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What It's Like Undercover With Ariz. Border Militia

'A sense of purpose'

(Newser) - They caught no immigrants or drug smugglers, but it wasn't for lack of trying. A self-described militia group called the Three Percent United Patriots recently staged an operation along the border in southern Arizona, and unbeknownst to the group, an undercover journalist was in their midst. Shane Bauer provides... More »

Militia Member Who Was Killed Vowed Never to Go to Jail

'I have no intention of spending any of my days in a concrete box'

(Newser) - One of the militia members occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge told MSNBC on Jan. 5 that he'd be willing to die rather than go to jail. He was killed by authorities during a traffic stop exactly three weeks later, the Washington Post reports. "I have been raised in... More »

Paiute Tribe Has a Message for Oregon Occupiers

To wit: 'We were here first ... get the hell out'

(Newser) - Ammon Bundy insists his Citizens for Constitutional Freedom is standing up for the little guy—the ranchers he thinks really own the Oregon sanctuary his group is occupying . But the Northern Paiute tribe, which the Washington Post says has hunted and fished on the land now inhabited by the Malheur... More »

Militants Who Grabbed Fed Building Won't Like This

Dwight and Steven Hammond turning themselves in

(Newser) - Two ranchers whose legal woes spurred an armed takeover of a government building in Oregon are reporting to prison today to serve their sentences—but will ask President Obama for clemency, the Oregonian reports. Dwight Hammond Jr., 73, is facing up to five years and son Steven, 46, around four... More »

Militia Group: We'll Hold Ore. Refuge 'as Long as It Takes'

Sheriff says they plotted to overthrow government

(Newser) - The protesters who seized control of an unoccupied building at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon over the weekend are armed, angry, and apparently hunkering down for a long stay. "We will be here for as long as it takes," Army veteran Ryan Payne tells the New York ... More »

Armed Citizens Turn Up to Guard Recruiting Centers

After Chattanooga shootings, residents say they want to 'serve and protect'

(Newser) - Wisconsin and six other states moved to arm National Guard members on duty after last week's Chattanooga shootings; now armed citizens are heading out to add an extra layer of protection. Reports of these self-appointed sentinels—some of them from private militia—have filtered in from Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia,... More »

Libyan Militia Parties at US Embassy Compound: Reports

Video shows alleged trespassers laughing, frolicking in pool

(Newser) - What happens in Tripoli, stays in Tripoli—except in this video, which purports to show Libyan militia members partying in the pool of an abandoned US Embassy residential compound. In the clip, fully clothed men gleefully leap into the pool from a balcony of the embassy's residential annex, which... More »

US Officials: Egypt, UAE Secretly Attack Libya

Old-school autocrats strike Islamists without US approval

(Newser) - Egypt and the United Arab Emirates launched airstrikes at militias in Libya twice over the last week without Washington's approval, four US officials tell the New York Times . Egypt, in fact, denied any involvement in the attacks. The first strikes came last week in Tripoli, destroying a weapons depot... More »

Nev. Lawmaker: Get Bundy Militia Out

He wants state to 'get rid of armed separatists'

(Newser) - Most of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's conservative allies backed away after his "Negro" remarks —but there are still plenty of heavily armed militia members camped around his ranch and neighbors are becoming uneasy, a Democratic congressman says. At a public event over the weekend, Rep. Steven Horsford... More »

Ukraine Rebels Blow Off Deal, Won't Leave

At least not until the government in Kiev does the same

(Newser) - The separatists who've seized government buildings in more than 10 Ukrainian cities say they don't intend to clear out, despite the agreement struck between Russia, the Ukraine, and Western powers yesterday that, among other things, called for those illegally seized buildings to be vacated. "This is a... More »

For 1st Time This Century, Far-Right Groups Decline

But those left are 'leaner and meaner,' watchdog warns

(Newser) - Tough times for the far right? The number of militias, skinhead gangs, and other extremist groups in the US dropped last year for the first time since 1999, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center . The hate-group watchdog found that the number of extreme-right groups dropped around 14% to 2,... More »

Déjà Vu: Iraq Turns to Sunnis to Fight al-Qaeda

US urges Maliki to pass arms to militias

(Newser) - As Iraqi forces struggle to retake Anbar from al-Qaeda affiliated militants, the government is turning to the same tactic the US used to end the Iraq war: Allying itself with local Sunni tribal militias. The US is urging Nouri al-Maliki to pass the guns it's shipping him to the... More »

Alaska Militia Leader Gets 25 Years

Schaeffer Cox blames paranoia for threats against feds

(Newser) - A militia leader in Alaska found guilty of plotting to murder federal law enforcement officials has been sentenced to 25 years and 10 months in federal prison. Schaeffer Cox, the 28-year-old leader of the "Alaska Peacemakers Militia," could have gotten life for his nine federal weapons and conspiracy... More »

US Building Libya Commando Unit

Washington poised for strike on embassy attackers

(Newser) - Hoping to prevent a repeat of last month's attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, the Obama administration is ratcheting up efforts to help build a new Libyan commando force. Work was under way on the force before the attack, but the US is looking to speed the process.... More »

Libya Gives Islamist Militias 2 Days to Get Out

11 killed amid weekend protests; CIA sees setback

(Newser) - Libya is working to drive out more armed groups after protesters' success against a militia blamed in the death of US ambassador Chris Stevens . Authorities have told "all illegitimate militias" they've got two days to "be removed from compounds and hand over their weapons to the national... More »

Obama Assassination Plot: Relative Went to Police

Death of Isaac Aguigui's wife raised her suspicions

(Newser) - More details are trickling out about Isaac Aguigui, the purported leader of a group allegedly planning to overthrow the government and assassinate the president: In September of last year, a female relative of his told police she had concerns about the soldier. Specifically, that his wife had died that July... More »

Feds Return Militiaman's 41 Guns

Acquitted Hutaree member gets guns, ammo back

(Newser) - A member of a Christian militia in the Midwest has received his 41 guns and more than 100,000 round of ammunition back from the federal government more than 2 years after they were seized. Thomas Piatek was one of seven Hutaree members acquitted on charges that they planned to... More »

Alaska Militia Leader Guilty of Conspiracy to Kill

Schaeffer Cox planned to confront federal government

(Newser) - A young militia leader from Alaska and two of his followers are facing long prison terms after being found guilty of numerous charges. Schaeffer Cox, the 28-year-old leader of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia, was found guilty of amassing illegal weapons and conspiring to murder federal law enforcement officers, reports the... More »

Libyan Militia Seizes Tripoli Airport

Fighting breaks out after standoff

(Newser) - Fighting has broken out between rival militias at the Tripoli airport, witnesses tell Reuters , following a standoff in which one of the militias seized control of the facility. Militia fighters had earlier surrounded the airport, demanding the release of one of their detained leaders. The airport was forced to close,... More »

Neo-Nazi Militia Leader Kills 4 in Phoenix

JT Ready believed to have killed 3 adults, toddler before suicide

(Newser) - The white supremacist founder of an Arizona border militia is believed to shot and killed three adults and a toddler before committing suicide. The body of JT Ready, head of the US Border Guard group, was found at a home in suburban Phoenix along with those of his girlfriend, her... More »

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